Wedding Planning Tips

Wedding planning is one of the most magical times in your life. But it can also bring with it a whirlwind of stress. Since weddings are such monumental events, there’s a lot of pressure to wow your guests and make the day unforgettable in every way possible.

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But with so many details involved, any bride could get overwhelmed with possibilities. Where do you even begin? This video helps with some simple tips.

This video offers suggestions for five things you should consider in the beginning stages of wedding planning. These things will be the key to your wedding plans and will lay the foundation as you move forward towards your big day. The five things you absolutely must take into account are:

  1. Budget and Cost
  2. Guest Count
  3. Season and Date
  4. The Vibe and Look You’re Striving For
  5. Your Priorities

You and your partner should sit down and consider all of these elements. Discuss what is most important to you, what details are non-negotiable, and what components you’re willing to be flexible on. This conversation should serve as the blueprint for your wedding.

Once you have these details solidified, you can begin making calls and researching vendors who suit your needs. But you can’t do any of that if you don’t have this foundation as a starting point!