Comparing Diamond Earrings by Carat Size

This video discusses and displays thequalities of diamond earrings and how they conmpare to each other on the ear. If you are considering a purchase of diamond earrings for yourself or a loved one, this is a great video to watch.

Diamonds are measured by weight, which is known as a “carat.” Smaller carats are obviously smaller in size as well as weight.

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For a pair of diamond earrings, a diamond’s carat can be much smaller than it would be for an engagement ring, as it is not placed in a setting and will essentially be right on the ear.

The benefit of being able to purchase smaller carat diamond earrings is that they will still look dazzling at the smaller size, and they come with a much smaller price tag. A pair of 1 carat basic post diamond earrings can be incredibly expensive. The ones used as a comparison for this video have a price tag over $15,000. For a pair of earrings, that’s a lot of money.

No matter what their shape or carat, diamonds are a lovely gem. They’re associated with elegance and wealth for a reason — they’re stunning. If you’re considering a pair of diamond earrings, watching this video can help you decide which carat size might be best for your needs.