Your Guide to Scoring Big at Barn Sales

One of the best things about spring and summer is the return of the sun. With the return of the sun comes the return of garage sales! If you are in the midwest or live close to any rural area, then you’ve probably seen a barn sale or two in your time. Barn sales can boast hundreds of items for sale, ranging from tiny needlework kits to large amish chicken coops. You never know what you’re going to find for a bargain price at a barn sale, which is the main draw for all the thrifters.

Video Source

Wondering what you could get at a barn sale this summer? Well, this video shows what these two shoppers scored out at a country yard sale.

The shoppers in this video found their barn sale from a Craigslist ad, so keep checking sites like Facebook Marketplace frequently to find all the barn shops near you. This sale had 3 different barns right next to each other, all full of antique and vintage furniture. The incredible old-fashioned upholstery is to die for, with several of these pieces being worth much more than their asking price. Check out your local barn sales today, and you never know what you may find!