Charities How They’re Making Donations Easier For You

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When you have an excess of certain items in your home, you only have a few options. You can either give these items away, sell them, throw them away as trash, or donate them. For clothes in particular, it can be difficult to decide what to do with what you’re going to do with them once you’re done. The fact is that when you attempt to give clothes away, it’s actually easier said than done. Clothes only fit certain body types; you bought your clothes to fit you specifically, and the chances that they’ll fit your loved ones perfectly are not always high. Therefore, when you give clothes away there’s a decent chance that they’ll end up in the trash anyway. Selling clothes is usually complicated. Unless you happen to have a convenient yard sale whenever you’ve outgrown your clothes, you’ll probably end up selling them online. Selling anything online can be tedious, and unless your clothes are of a very high quality, they either won’t be bought at all, or will sell for such a minimal amount that it isn’t worth it. For many reasons, it’s not a good idea to throw clothes away. As such, the only reasonable way to solve the problem of clothes that you no longer need or use is clothing donation. Clothing donations are a great way of repurposing your old clothes, and it’s easier now more than ever to make charitable donations.

How Clothes Donations Benefit The Environment

Everyone knows that clothing donations can benefit those that the charity in question mean to benefit. There are plenty of reasons why donating clothes should make you feel good. With that being said, you may not think of charitable donations as benefiting the environment. Throwing away clothes means adding to the already vast amount of non-biodegradable garbage in the United States. While clothes are often recyclable, and most textiles in general can be recycled, research reveals that each year 12 million tons of clothing and textiles are thrown out in America. In fact, the average person generates 4.5 pounds of trash a day, and 1.5 tons of trash a year. By donating your clothes, you are not only helping the needy — with 80% of donated clothes in the U.S. going to charities that aid the needy, and further fund that charitable organization — but bettering the environment. When you take care of the environment, you take care of the entire world. Perhaps you already know all of this, and your only hold up is the fact that you don’t have the time donate clothes. Don’t feel bad if this is the case. You aren’t alone — and with that in mind, charitable organizations have adapted and provide may different ways through which you can donate clothes.

Charity Pick Ups And Drop Off: Making Donations Easier

Most of us don’t have all the time in the world to donate clothes, as much as we’d like to. With that in mind, many charitable organization now offer charity pick up options. Clothing pick ups involve you simply prearranging the clothes you want to donate; after which, an employee from the charity will arrive to pick up those clothes. If, for whatever reason, a charity pick up is not for you, some charities offer drop off locations in which you can drop off clothes at all hours of the day. That way, you don’t have to deal with unloading your clothes and checking them in. Charity pick ups and drop offs take an easy decision and make it even simpler. You have no reason not to donate clothes if the charity you have in mind offers these options. If you aren’t sure, call your charity in advance, and schedule a pick up at the best time for you!

Whether you want to stop by and donate clothes the old-fashioned way, or schedule a pick up, you have options. Don’t let the clutter build up in your home. Do something good with it through donations!