5 Useful Environmental Habits Even You Can Do

Where can i donate clothes

While donating unused and gently worn clothing to local charities is important for helping out those in need, it is also a crucial part in protecting and preserving our planet. The planet is at risk of damage and it is everyone?s responsibility to take action. Although you may not have the ability to preserve all of the resources, you do have the opportunity to implement the following environmentally beneficial changes.

Recycle all paper products
Paper is one of the most wasted resources. It is often taken for granted and thrown out in high numbers. The paper products then sit in landfills for many years, sometimes never breaking down. In addition to recycling all paper products, you can also make it an effort to reduce your usage of them. Begin to move to recyclable or reusable shopping bags. Give out reusable shopping bags to your family and friends to encourage their use. Removing paper products from the landfills is a great start.

Recycle all cotton products
Many consumers are not aware that cotton products and textiles should be recycled. People tend to be aware that you should donate clothes to help those in need. But, if the clothing is stained, torn, or worn, they simply throw it out. Even these extremely worn clothing items can be recycled. Of the roughly 2 million tons of used clothing Americans recycle each year, less than half is ever worn again. Approximately 30% is cut up for use as industrial rags, and another 20% is shredded for couch stuffing and home insulation. Cotton products, like paper items, do not do well when dumped into landfills.

Donate clothing for those in need
It is also important to donate your unused clothing for those in need. People are more aware of this need, but donation numbers are still low. Currently, Americans recycle or donate only 15% of their used clothing, and the rest, about 10.5 million tons a year, goes into landfills, giving textiles one of the poorest recycling rates of any reusable material. Recycling unused clothing today is very simple to do. There are many charities that pick up clothing donations right at your front door. You can simply bag them up and leave them on your front porch. In many cases, you do not even have to be home for the charities that pick up clothing donations.

Purchase recycled clothing
In 1930, the average American woman owned nine outfits. Today, that figure is 30 outfits, one for every day of the month. Purchasing new clothing can be expensive, especially if you only wear it once or twice. Purchasing recycled clothing, however, is affordable and it helps out those in need in a different way. Charities that pick up clothing donations provide clothing to those that need it, but they also sell clothing items for addition funding. This funding goes toward many things including education, housing, medical care, and emergency care. When you choose to shop at these stores, you are able to purchase affordable clothing, while also giving needed funds to charitable clothing donations organizations.

Be aware at all times
One of the best ways to preserve the resources of the planet is to be aware of everything you do. When you throw something out, consider where it will go and if it could be recycled. Before you purchase a new clothing item, consider the likeliness that the same item is at the local charitable donations center. Frequently go through your closet and take out clothes donations. Work with charities that pick up clothing donations and set up a pickup time in the future, encouraging you to go through your closets.

The planet has many pressures and strains on it. Many organizations are attempting to spread awareness around preserving the planet?s resources. There are things that you can do in your everyday life to help. Change to reusable shopping bags, donate and recycle your clothing, and shop at thrift stores. Once you begin to become aware of the planet and your actions, you will find that change it easy.