A Look At The Importance Of Giving Your Old Clothing To Charitable Organizations Here In The United States

Donating to charity is common here in the United States, with more than 95% of the total population giving to charity to at least some extent over the course of just one year. Many people, if they are able, will even choose to make charitable donations a number of times over this same period of time. Giving to charity can help people in need, it can help the environment, and it can help communities – there are simply so many reasons to do it.

But not everyone is easily able to make charitable donations, at least when we’re talking about monetary donations. After all, we live in an expensive world, and some parts of this country have incredibly high costs of living. For many people, just making ends meet is all that they can really do, with no ability to really give back when it comes to the money that they’re bringing in. Fortunately, however, monetary donations are certainly not the only way to give back to a charitable organization such as, but certainly not limited to, organizations that help military families.

Giving in the form of used clothing donations can be incredibly valuable as well, and more people than ever are wondering where can I donate clothes. If you’re asking where can I donate clothes, you’ll likely be happy to hear that the answer to the question of where can I donate clothes – and how to donate used clothing donations – is a simpler process than many people initially realize.

This is thanks to the fact that local donation pick ups have become quite commonplace in many a community here in the United States, with such local donation pick ups requiring very little effort on the behalf of the person donating the used clothes. So for those wondering where can I donate clothes, the answer is often in just about any community around, including your very own. Of course, the answer to where can I donate clothes continues on for many parts of this country, as charity organizations themselves will directly accept clothing donations, if they are a charity that accepts used clothing in the first place. Answering the question of where can I donate clothes can be as simple as making a quick search on the internet for the vast majority of people looking to donate clothes here in the United States.

And donating old clothing can have a powerful environmental benefit as well as benefiting the needy in your own community. After all, the typical person will buy up to ten pounds of used clothing in a year, meaning that all of that clothing was able to be reused instead of sent to a landfill, as up to ten and half million tons of clothing end up in landfills already each and every year. Fortunately, with about 15% of all old clothing given in the form of clothing donations instead of simply being thrown away, this is something that is changing a little bit more each and every year.

However, the amount of clothing that the typical person is consuming is on the rise, making it more important than ever to donate clothing and research where can I donate clothes instead of making the choice to simply throw them away. After all, the typical woman in the United States now owns up to 30 outfits, meaning that she has one for every single day of the month (depending, of course, on the month). This also means that the current woman of today owns 21 more outfits than a woman in the 1930s, who owned, on average, nine outfits, would have ever dreamed of owning.

And there are certainly many places that this used clothing can go. Resale shops are certainly an option, especially if your local area doesn’t contain any charities that accept used clothing or clothing at all. For many people, however, places like veterans charities and the American Red Cross will be more than willing to accept such donations, allowing for the lowering of waste, at least clothing waste.