Floral Arrangements that are Outside the Box–or Vase!

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Most of us struggle when it comes to gift giving. While money and gift cards are always nice to receive, they can come off as somewhat impersonal and a cop out. While some people are very specific (if not picky!) about their desires for a birthday or holiday, most people just want to be remembered, recognized, and appreciated. When 86% of those surveyed said that receiving flowers makes them feel special, what better way to show appreciation for someone than by giving them flowers?

For centuries flowers have symbolized romance, beauty, and love. The giving of flowers is a long-standing tradition in human societies all over the world. In the United States, two holidays in particular yield the highest number of flower purchases and gifts: Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day. These two events make up a significant portion of the $7 billion in revenue the florist industry makes annually. For instance, on Mother’s Day nearly $2 billion is spent on just flowers!

But Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day aren’t the only occasions appropriate for flower gifting. Flowers are often given as a token of comfort to those who recently received bad news or have fallen ill. Giving someone spring bouquets and spring flower arrangements is a great way to ring in the season and remind that person or people what they mean to you. Weddings, of course, often warrant many flowers during both the ceremony and reception.

So it’s clear that giving someone flowers is an appropriate and kind gesture on just about any occasion. But the question still remains of what kind of flowers one should give someone else? Of course the answer depends somewhat on the specific event, but nonetheless it might be helpful to look at some good flower design ideas.

Flower Design Ideas

In terms of beauty, most flowers hold up on their own. Give someone a single rose, for instance, and you might make their whole day. But there’s something to be said about a bouquet or a thoughtful floral arrangement–something that goes outside the box, or vase, if you will.

Any seasoned florist will tell you that floral design is an art. Much like framing a photograph or painting a landscape, things like contrast, color, symmetry, and shape matter. If the flowers are resting in a vase, the shape and design of the vase itself can play an important role in the appearance of the arrangement. A tall, cylindrical vase, for instance, suits thin, lengthy flowers. For Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day, floral arrangements with pink color schemes are always a hit (lilacs are a good fit for this kind of arrangement).

Other flower design ideas rely on an eclectic mix of flowers in terms of shape, size and color, creating a sort of flower collage that pleases and intrigues the eye. If you really know the person to whom you’re giving flowers, consider their individual tastes and preferences (and perhaps home decor). If they’re very tidy and organized, they would most likely appreciate a floral arrangement with a stricter color scheme and little variation in types and sizes of flower.

In the end, giving someone flowers is always a thoughtful gesture (about 99% of people think so!), regardless of the occasion. So this Spring if you’re struggling for gift ideas, or you just want to do something nice for the ones you love, go out and pick up some flowers!