All You Need to Know About Renting Table Linens

Wedding tablecloths

For any special event, the smallest of details make the largest impact. They have the ability to pack a punch, or can be so indistinct and get overlooked. No matter the reception , the goal is to make your guests feel welcomed and impressed, and tablecloth rentals are an necessary, important piece of the puzzle.

Weddings are without a doubt, an expensive affair. The national average cost of a wedding was found to be $26,984 as per the nearly 18,000 American couples polled by The Real Weddings Survey in 2011. Additionally, the bill per each guest was a whopping total of $196 in a 2013 survey, so it would be in your best interest to make sure you truly enjoy everyone you invite! Then, do your best to impress them with the best specialty linens you can find.

Not planning a wedding but know someone graduating from high school, trade school, or college? The average graduation party boasts about 90 guests, and the host generally spends $983 per shindig. There are a vast array of linen rental companies to help with the outcome of your next event.

Renting table linens are a relatively easy process. You will need to give the linen rental company the approximate guest count for the party, as well as the measurements for tables at the reception hall. Most rental agreements will protect you against normal stains to the linens, such as spilled food, candle wax or a tipsy guest knocking over their red wine. Don’t like doing laundry? Once the party is over, the rental company will provide a complimentary cleaning service for those tablecloths.

Wedding reception linens come in a variety of colors and deigns that give a rainbow a run for its money. The tables at a reception are a fun, creative way to experiment with different design elements. Floral arrangements, centerpieces, glassware and trinkets all come together and play a role in channeling the look you are going for. Renting table linens in blush pink, gold, peach, and neutral colors create a timeless, vintage look. Pastels bring an on trend, stylish feel, and chevron, zigzag, or checkered linens are seasonally appropriate for spring and summer parties. Additionally, textured linens such as petals, rosettes and lace come in delicate overlays and pack a punch. The opportunities are endless!

The right tablecloths and chair liners have the ability to make your gathering perfectly unique. Who knew renting table linens could be so much fun?