Professional Editing Services for Photographers Free You Up for More Creative Work

Photo enhancement services

If you’re a professional photographer, you want to focus on the shoots and the creative side of things. Or you may just have almost more work than you can handle, and wish you could hand off the time consuming task of photo editing to staff, if you had a staff. However, many photo editing services now offer photo editing for photographers, giving you a chance to acquire a highly qualified virtual assistant. You take the photographs, and send them to a professional photo editing service for all the tasks you don’t have time or a staff for – culling, editing, retouching and even uploading to their final location.
With trained and vetted photographers working on your images you can be sure that your work is getting the quality attention and editing it needs.

Who needs a photo editing service?
Professional photographers and businesses where photographs matter, such as ecommerce and real estate, can benefit from the services provided by a professional photo retouching service. Providing professional photo editing for photographers, such companies take on the routine and time-consuming tasks and leave you free to pursue much more important tasks. These could include contacting new clients, shooting new pictures, or running your ecommerce or real estate business.

What difference does professional photo editing for photographers make?
In businesses like real estate and ecommerce, photographs are crucial to making sales. Customers make up their minds based on the pictures they see online, and research shows that they are able to distinguish professional and high quality photographs from those taken with a cell phone or point and shoot camera. Also, the quality of online photographs actually affects the market price of homes for sale. The quality also affects the amount of time a home stays on the market.
Consider the following facts:

  • Among homes in the $400,000 to $500,000 price range, 64% of those listed with DSLR photos sold within six months. By comparison, only 46% of those homes listed with point-and-shoot photos sold within the same time period.
  • Even in the difficult-to-sell category of million dollar homes, 35% of those listed with professional photographs sold within six months, while only 30% of those with point-and-shoot photos sold in the same time frame.
  • Using professional photographs for real estate listings makes a difference to the price. The real estate site Redfin found that for homes priced between $200,000 and $1 million, those with listing photos taken with DSLR cameras sold for $3,400 to $11,200 above the list prices. This difference vanished for homes in the $1 million range.

Even when they are unaware of the reasons for the difference, people rate professional photographs higher and are twice as likely to share them than user-generated photographs.

Seamless convenience delivered via Dropbox
Professional editing for photographers provides all services like photo retouching, photo color correction, culling, album design, restoration, background removal, clipping paths, etc. Some services use Dropbox for seamless sharing, making it easy to upload and download images. For services and businesses that rely on high quality images and photos, such as ecommerce, catalogs, wedding or real estate photographers, editing for photographers is like hiring highly trained and qualified staff members to work alongside you.

With professional editing for photographers, you essentially create a virtual assistant for yourself. You’ll have trained and qualified professional photographers doing all the time consuming post photography work, freeing you up for more important things. You’ll be working smarter, not harder. And you’ll do more in less time.