Wedding Plans Involve Many Details, Including Linen and Table Rentals

Linens rental for wedding

Two years ago you might not have guessed that you would now be at the point of researching linens rental services for a wedding.
You still remember the quiet and innocent phone call. Your daughter, who was at the time a sophomore in college, called you in the middle of the week. She shyly announced that she wanted to tell you about her plans for fall break. With no classes, no gymnastics practices, and no other commitments, your daughter said that she would be traveling three hours south of campus to spend the long weekend at her boyfriend’s parents’ home.
That likely could have been the first sign that the wedding linen rentals might be in the future. Instead of announcing that she would be traveling to the parent home of one of the gymnasts, she was instead traveling south with no one else from the team. Your daughter had visited the boyfriend’s home before, but the second return seemed a little more intentional.
After that visit, the mention of the boyfriend’s name became more and more common, and following their college graduation few were surprised that the two announced their engagement. The linens rental and the other plans for the reception are now the reason for most of the current phone calls.
Are You in the Middle of Planning an Upcoming Wedding or Graduation?
The division of labor when it comes to planning a wedding can play out in many ways. Some brides want to make all of the decisions. They want to visit the rental locations, touch the linens rental inventory, see the difference between two shades of maroon. Other brides, however, want to focus on the decisions with the big impact, the table decorations for the reception, the gifts for the wedding party members, and the drink menu for the wedding dance. For this group of brides, it is common that they will delegate some tasks to mothers, sisters, aunts, and other assistants. These brides may let the tablecloth rentals, the chair rentals, and the outdoor canopy rentals be researched and selected by the other members of their wedding planning team.
Delegating these decisions, however, does not lessen the importance of these decisions. In fact, renting linens for a wedding reception, is a fairly exact science. Although color choices and textures can be decided early, the final rental contract needs specific information like how many guests have RSVP’d and the size of the tables that need to be covered. Chair cover rental, for instance, is an added expensive that add can add glamour and sophistication to an event. Those extra fees, however, can be wasted on chairs that are not needed. The rental decisions depend on research of prices and availability, as well as close monitoring of numbers of expected guests.
The plans for weddings and other large celebrations can be overwhelming. These plans become manageable, though, when the organizers take a logical approach. Decisions like linens rentals, wedding tablecloth rentals, and and other specialty items like fondue fountains, can be taken care of early in the planning process. By leaving an open ended contract that will let the bride and her planners give exact numbers one week out, most rental decisions can be made early and checked off the list.
Deciding to Rent Makes Good Economic Sense
although families often think of big events like weddings as the most expensive celebrations, other life events can be costly as well. Did you know, for instance, that the average amount spent on graduation parties with 90 guests was $983? One way that many families save money during these big events is to shop around and find the best rental prices for items that do not need to be purchased. From chair covers to photo booths, renting is an option that allows the planner to save money so that those funds can be used for other larger items.
Another advantage to renting items is that the rental company takes care of cleaning the linens after the event, In fact, most policies even protect the customer from charges for normal stains to the linens, like spilled food, drink, and even candle wax. Rentals provide an affordable way to elegantly decorate almost any venue.