Five Unusual Things to Do In Paris

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Dreaming of a trip to Paris occupies the idle time of countless people all over the world. The passions and priorities that inspire this dream are diverse, but the result is a lovely city with some crowded venues. If you heading to visit Paris for an extended stay in a luxury apartment, or if you have been before, you need to know what entertainment options there are away from the typical places. These five unusual things to do in Paris should help.

  1. Cultural Events and Festivals: Paris has more culture any day of the year than most other cities can boast, but there are certain days every year when something particularly special is on offer. For example, art lovers should schedule around the Nuit Blanche. This event, usually held in the summer, is the only night when museums, galleries and other cultural venues are all night, and for free.
  2. Covered Passages: If you enjoy browsing through stores and have an interest in history, the covered passages would be an ideal outing. These precursors to the shopping mall have their origin in the 19th century, built after the revolution for the emerging middle class. Over the years, most of the covered passages have been replaced with other structures, leaving only 30 still standing.
  3. Ile St-Louis While the crowds hustle through this little island to Notre Dame Cathedral, stop and experience this peaceful place. Walk the cobbled streets and visit the traditional cafes in unexpected serenity.
  4. Musee des Arts Forain: This unexpected museum, called The FunFair Museum in English, consists of a large, privately owned collection of rides and souvenirs from carnivals over the last 160 years. There are games, carousels and German swings, but entrance is by appointment only.
  5. The House of Nicolas Flamel Whether you are a history buff or a Quidditch fan, this house certainly deserves a stop while visiting Paris. Adorned with strange symbols, this 14th-century house was the home of philanthropist and bookseller Nicolas Flamel. He was rumored to have discovered how to turn ordinary metals into gold, a mythical practice called alchemy. Whether that story holds merit or not, the house, built in 1407 by Flamel, is the oldest stone house in Paris.

Staying in a fancy hotel or a luxury apartment while vacationing in Paris can lure many to forget that Paris holds far more to discover than the most famous spots.Hopefully, this list will serve as a reminder to explore.