Why You Should Seek Out Waxing Services

Bikini waxing

Hair removal isn’t always easy. When it comes to shaving, it’s all too common to nick yourself in the process. It’s easy to miss spots as well, and stubble comes back all too quickly, sometimes later that same day. There are, fortunately, alternatives to shaving, however, such as waxing. Though waxing is not always without pain, it is a longer lasting alternative that gives better, smoother results. For the 99% of women in the United States who remove their body hair using at least one method, waxing can provide an alternative to razor burn and stubble.

Waxing is rising in popularity, with over 20% of all American women using it regularly as a hair removal method. Getting your lip waxed is particularly common, with 24% of American women seeking it out. Eyebrow waxing over plucking is also commonly done. Eyebrow waxing is actually considerably less painful than plucking out each individual hair, and gives considerably smoother, shapelier results. Grooming of the bikini line is also common with over 95% of women performing some method of grooming at their bikini line. Waxing of the bikini line is a particularly preferred method because of its smooth results – no razor burn to peek out of bikini bottoms in the summer. A waxing salon can provide all of these services, as well as others (for example, a Brazilian wax, which can be thought of as the extreme version of a bikini wax).

Getting a wax is not just for women, however. Waxing services for men are becoming more and more common, and the male grooming industry has reached over $50 billion dollars annually. Eyebrow waxing is common among men, as well as chest waxing and the waxing of back hair.

No matter who you are, you can benefit from getting a wax. It’s an ideal method of hair removal for those with busy lifestyles, as it lasts longer than shaving. Though it might be initially more painful than shaving, there is no risk of cutting yourself and no chance of razor burn. Waxing provides better results as well, eliminating stubble entirely, though you must grow your hair out longer than usual before receiving waxing services, as waxing works by “grabbing” onto a hair and ripping it out at the root. Without sufficient hair length, there would not be enough to grab onto. Seeking out waxing services is part of many peoples’ regular routines, but can also be ideal as a special treat before a big event like a beach vacation.