What Are EMF Protection Necklaces And How Does They Work?

Emf risks

Today, there has been an increase in cell towers in our communities when compared to 20 years ago and this has increased the RF exposure to children by about 1000 times. It is believed that this exposure could lead to several health symptoms such as lethargy, depression, aches, headaches and sleeping disorders. This has pushed for the development of wearable technologies to protect people from the exposure and good examples are the EMF protection necklaces, which must use a shield to work.

What is an EMF protection necklace?
Essentially, the necklace is not a just a piece of crafted metal, but it is a mathematically crafted device. The necklace is hollow and must be used together with a shield to offer protection against the exposure. Together, these devices produce different frequencies, creating a balanced electric field that is beneficial to the wearer. The field established by the device is safe thus ensuring constant EMF protection.

Wearing the necklace helps to strengthen the body’s energies by stabilizing and balancing the energy field. This field helps to counteract and neutralize the harmful EMFs. The whole technology puts emphasis on using the body’s energies to keep harmful frequencies at bay. The body’s electrical system is the main protector that keeps it functional. With the protection pendants, it is easy to exploit the energy to ensure maximum protection.

The EMF protection necklaces come in different styles for ladies and guys. The design of most necklaces tend to resemble that of beauty necklaces, so it’s hard for people to identify them. The shields for the necklaces can be customized to meet the needs of different users. They can be custom-made depending on age and health conditions that one has. BioElectric shields are ideal for specific situations such as heavy users of computers and those who travel frequently. The essence here is to reduce the EMF risks as much as possible to ensure maximum health for people.

How is EMF Unhealthy?
Wireless phones produce radiation 24 hours a day even when they are not in use and this increases EMF. Typically, people are exposed to EMF at school, home and at work. Some of the items that people regularly use that emit EMFs include routers, microwaves, computers, baby monitors, smart meters, television, DVD, cell phones, and office equipment. These sources produce low to mid-frequency radiation. New studies that have been contacted indicated a link between adult cancers and EMF exposure. Other possible conditions include chronic fatigue, poor concentration, and weak immune system. More research is being conducted to understand black and white the effects of EMF exposure.

Still, it is important to use protective devices such as EMF protection necklaces, especially for people who live close to power lines and cell towers. Nowadays, people can find out if they are being exposed to EMF by using a gaussmeter, which is available for sale online. Proper protection by taking EMF safety measures such as using a room shield.