Is Your Group Selling Customized T-Shirts as a Fundraiser?

Custom athletic apparel

They probably say as much about today’s american culture as anything else. The average person, in fact, owns 27 t-shirts. Even without doing laundry, that means the average American has enough t-shirts to get through almost four weeks without having to repeat one.
Wearing all of what you have, however, is not really the point of a shirt collection. Don’t you have those few t-shirts that are just like new because they have never been worn? They are too special to get rid of, but not special enough to be worn very often. We have the t-shirts we wear for game days, t-shirts we wear on our toughest runs of the week; t-shirts we wear when we are heading out for a night on the town.
Of all the places where t-shirts are popular, perhaps the best example of a complete addiction to t-shirts is a college campus. By providing screen printed t-shirts for community days of service or as a fundraiser for an athletic team, t-shirt collections often increase significantly during the four years that students spend on campus as undergraduates.
Ordering Customized Apparel Online Can Help Groups Raise Funds for their Causes
With automated t-shirt designing software, many customized apparel online sites allow sororities, fraternities, and athletic teams to help design their own t-shirts. Ordered in bulk can keep the cost of the t-shirts low so that they can in turn be sold at a profit for a specific purpose. Intramural athletic teams, for example, often sell themed t-shirts to help supplement the expense of away games. Fraternity party t-shirts are popular items that can help advertise an event while also raise funds for a determined cause.
If your group or organization is preparing to sell t-shirts as a fundraiser, it is important to focus on three aspects of the process: the quality of the t-shirt and the printing; the design of the shirt, including any logos; the cost of the shirts. Finding a a quality t-shirt at an affordable price that has an attractively designed logo or message may sell well, but if you pay to much for the production costs, you will not be able to make much money. Ordering customized apparel online can help keep costs down and provide a well designed quality piece of clothing that will sell well.
The most popular custom apparel, like the kind seen at large race or community celebration, or sporting event sometimes become popular items that sell out quickly. At trade shows and college fairs across the country, on the other hand, free t-shirt give aways actually become an advertisement. Wearing a t-shirt with the screen printing of a college, for example, helps popularize the school and sometimes its mascot.