Leather Trends to Try this Fall

It’s the season many have been waiting for: fall. Not only does fall mark the season for layering, but it’s also the season for dramatic fashion changes. Leather, a timeless fashion staple, is in this fall 2016 season — although this is not much of a surprise. General Patton’s World War II aviator jacket and James Dean’s iconic black leather jacket have continued to make impacts on fashion around the world for the majority of the past century, but its use in clothing has preceded that, dating back to more primitive eras.

Leather’s durability and practicality make it the perfect material for boots, bags, jackets, and more. If you’re not ready to drop a huge amount of cash on a new leather jacket, you can still incorporate fine leather goods into your wardrobe with the following options:

Satchels and totes

Leather totes for women are the ultimate carry-all. If you use your handbag to carry everything you own — laptop, wallet, journal, cell phone — leather totes for women satisfy all needs. They’re large and spacious, but also fashionable, which is not always common for practical items. Mens satchels satisfy similar purposes, as well as leather messenger bags, which can be worn over-the-shoulder or cross-body for maximum comfort.

Leather belts

Sleek and subtle, leather belts for men and women can keep you from pulling your trousers up in public, and can also help tie other leather products into your outfit.

Leather shoes

From knee-high boots, to smart flats, and the ankle boots in between, leather footwear is both durable against harsh outdoor elements, comfortable and form fitting, and a great way to dress up any casual outfit. Mens leather shoes can be worn for formal events or during casual lunches and outings. Knee-high leather boots go great with jeans, chinos, leggings, skirts, or any form-fitting or leg-bearing outfit, and are comfortable as well. The classic loafer is a perfect everyday go-to shoe, especially for those who are indecisive or want an easy slip-on option.

Leather briefcases

When making a good impression in the office, a sleek, well-crafted leather briefcase will certainly stand out and make a statement. Paired with similar grain shoes and a belt, a leather briefcase can be the perfect practical accessory.

Leather comes in a variety of colors and grains, making it easy to match with any style or color clothing.