Three Tips for Being Beautiful (Inside and Out)

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Being a woman isn’t an easy job. We feel pulled in all directions. We have standard of perfection that society (and our own critical selves) hold us to. We have biological clocks. We feel pressured to be homemakers, and to have careers, and to give 100% to both at the same time. And we are bombarded with pressure to be beautiful. Everywhere we look, we see (fake) depictions of size-double-zero supermodels with perfectly toned and smooth skin and pearly white teeth glaring at us. On t.v. On billboards. In magazines. Everywhere. We. Look.

It’s easy to get down on ourselves about our imperfections and shortcomings, when the standard of beauty that society celebrates is the product of Photoshop and is impossible to actually achieve. Those critical thoughts can consume our minds really impair us from enjoying life. And if you can’t enjoy life, what’s the point of being beautiful anyways?

We want you to glow in confidence, so we’ve put together a few tips for looking and feeling beautiful.

Three Tips for Being Beautiful (Inside and Out)

  1. Treat Yo’self

    You’ll find that many of our tips have nothing to do with makeup at all, but it’s important to clarify that there is nothing wrong with getting any cosmetic care that you want. Beauty salons have been around for centuries and maybe millenniums to celebrate beauty, while Photoshop has only been around for a decade or two, setting the bar at an unreachable level. Beauty salons exist to help you see your existing beauty, not to tell you what’s wrong with you. Find yourself one of the many awesome beauty salons in your area that will help you look and feel great, and give you the confidence to hold your head high. Go to a professional hair coloring salon and get some highlights, or a waxing, or a facial. Just do what will make you feel like the queen that you are.

    You might never be a size negative zero (but who really wants to be anyways). You might look like a real woman, not a flawless image in a magazine. The point of making it a point to ge taken care of at one of your favorite beauty salons isn’t to become something you’re not, the point is to celebrate the beauty you already have.
  2. Show Someone Else That You Care About Them

    Sometimes when we look in the mirror too much, we start obsessing about our flaws. This area is too flabby. That area is sagging. That cellulite. Those wrinkles. You’ll become ashamed of flaws that no one else in the world would ever see. When you do something nice for someone else, it gets your eyes off of yourself and your own invisible flaws. Not to mention, when you do a kind deed, you get those warm fuzzies that make you feel great about yourself. And inner beauty is really what matters anyways, isn’t it?

    Send a kind note to someone else. Take a moment to pay a compliment to someone; maybe someone you don’t even know. Smile at strangers. If you have it in you to do a big good deed, go for it. If you don’t have the energy to do something huge, just make it a point to do something kind for someone everyday. Pretty quickly, your kindness will become your beauty, in the eyes of yourself and others.

  3. Take care of yo’self

    When you don’t feel good, it’s hard to feel beautiful. The healthier you are, the better your outlook, and the better your self-image. Eat a healthy diet, not because you need to lose 10 lbs, but because when you fuel yourself with healthy food, you feel more energized and positive about life. Drink lots of water. Water gives you energy, helps your body work as it should, and even prevents wrinkles. Get lots of sleep. If you have to get up early for work or school, make it a point to go to bed early. Getting enough sleep is an important part of feeling good, and the better you feel about life, the better you look!

Do you have anything to add to our list? Please share in the comment section below!