Four Shopping Tips for Buying a Natural Wood Watch

Wooden wrist watches

Sometimes men are hard to shop for. Cliche gifts like ties and golf clubs really only suit a few people; everyone else just pretends to be thrilled with your corny gift while secretly wondering if they can take it back for store credit. If you want to get that special man in your life a gift that doesn’t make them say, “Oh… thanks I guess.” we have a great suggestion for you: You need to looking into mens wood watches.

When you shop for mens wood watches for your special mister, you find a classic gift that will give your recipient a sense of pride to wear.

However, not all mens wood watches are created equally. We want you to only spend your money on mens wood watches that will keep on ticking for years and decades and generations to come. To help you get the best wooden wrist watches for your money, we’ve put together a quick and easy shopping guide.

Four Things to Look for in Natural Wood Watches

  1. Shop for a style that fits the recipient.

    All wood watches for men come in all shapes and styles. You want to look for a watch that displays good craftsmanship and matches the personal taste of the recipient. Some wood watch makers error on the side of creating their watches too clunky. You don’t want the watch to be the only thing that you see when you look at the person wearing it. If it’s so loud and cumbersome that it devours the style of the wearer, the recipient of your gift will make up an excuse to never wear it.

    Subtle is best when shopping for wood watch styles. A sleek, modern style wood watch that doesn’t overwhelm the wearer’s look is the way to go. The more understated the style of the wood watch, the more likely it will compliment any outfit and style. Not to mention, this is a sign of great craftsmanship.
  2. Use a Wood Watch Shop That Offers Variety

    You don’t want to buy your wood watch from a vendor who doesn’t specialize in wood watches. If it’s just a thing they do on the side, along with metal watches, leather watches, bracelets, and bangles, there’s a good chance that the wood watch you purchase is not going to be made with the greatest quality material or craftsmanship.

    When you use a wooden watch sales shop who offers nothing but wood watches, they live and breath the trade. You’ll walk in their store and immediately have the option of no less than 50 different wooden watches. The variety offers you the best chance of finding a watch that really suits your recipient’s style, and it also ensures that you get a wood watch from a person who knows what they’re selling you.
  3. Pay Attention to the Finish.
    Wood is a living, breathing, natural material, and as such, it is porous until it is sealed and finished. Being properly finished both ensures that the watch you’re looking at has a refined look, and it also helps maintain the lifespan of the watch itself.

    When you are scoping out a potential watch, make sure to look closely at the individual links. If the craftsman was cutting corners when creating the watch, the links will have a rough or dull appearance. It’s easy to overlook, but this is a sign that the watch was not properly finished and will not hold up over time.

  4. Only Buy a Watch With Quality Movement

    Without reliable movement, your wooden watch is just a funny looking bracelet. The quality movement of the watch is what enables the watch to do its job. Never buy a watch without knowing who made the movement of it. Look for watches that are made with Citizen movements, or another reputable watch movement maker. A good watch retailer will be able to roll it right off to you. If the retailer doesn’t know, it’s a sign that no effort has be put towards the single most important quality of the watch. This is a signal to put the watch down and slowly back away.

Do you have any other suggestions for factors a person should look for while shopping for mens wooden watches? Share in the comment section below!