The Convenience of Chartering Your Own Private Jet

Charter plane services

Although airplanes are popular form of travel, they are not always the most convenient. An airplane is one of the fastest forms of travel once you are in the air, but the preparing and the waiting can take hours and sometimes even days to travel to your destination. Many planes require lay overs and then transferring onto different planes. This can be frustrating and tiresome over time. When you decide to travel somewhere, you just want to be there to begin your vacation as soon as possible. Fortunately, custom jet charters provide you with the ability to begin your vacation when you want to, allowing you to skip over all of the waiting.

When you charter a private jet, you decide when you want to leave and when you want to return from your vacation. You also have the ability to fly straight through to your destination, without having a lot of unnecessary stops in between flights. Finally, one of the biggest benefits of custom jet charters is your privacy. When you fly on a regular air plane, you are often cramped in with other travelers. You really never know who you will be flying next to. You could be seated next to a loud sleeper, a loud and screaming child or even someone who is fighting off the common cold next to you. These can all make your travel a terrible experience.

Custom jet charters, on the other hand, allow you your privacy. Not only will you not have to be seated next to random strangers, you can stretch your legs our and relax. Some aircraft charter services even provide you with your own sleeping room, equipped with a bed and restroom facilities. They may even include various entertainment options, such as large screen TVs and gaming abilities.

Nationwide, there are more than 2,100 air charter operators. These charter operators are required to hold an Air Carrier or Commercial Operating Certificate issued by the Federal Administration (FAA) and Operations Specifications that contain company names, authorizations and limitations. All of that simply means that custom jet charters are just as safe for you as flying on a normal and regulated air plane. Your jet charter service will be from a highly professional and licensed pilot and custom jet charters company.

The charter plane service uses many of the same airports as the regular air plane providers do. This means that you still have the convenience of the nearby air ports, but without the stress that waiting requires. With the ability to fly in and out of more than 5,000 public use airports in the United States, more than 100 times that of the airlines, air charter provides convenient access to your destination and air charter is a safe mode of transportation.

Passengers dedicate the majority of their time aboard business aircraft to work related tasks, an average of 36% of their time is spent in meetings with colleagues and almost one third (30%) of their in flight time is dedicated to doing individual work tasks. The great thing about private air charters is that you can do whatever you want. You can spend your time relaxing and sleeping or you can spend your time getting work done. The private jets even offer coworkers the ability to hold meetings during their long flights.

One of the most common forms of travel is by air. It is one of the fasted ways to travel, but it is not always the most convenient. You are often inconveniently left waiting for your plane and you are then shoved in with other customers in a very close way. When you charter a private jet, you have the ability to stretch out and do what you want with your time. The private jet is based on your schedule also, taking out a lot of the wait time often involved with your plane travel.