Three Advantages Of Using Customized Promotional Products

Promotional footwear

There are many reasons why you might find yourself in need of promotional items. Some businesses find promotional items to be the best way to spread the word about their products or services, and with good reason. Promotional items with logos help the recipients remember the companies from which they received them, and have long shelf lives than, for example, business cards. But for-profit businesses aren’t the only ones in need of promotional items. Charities find a lot of success in giving out or selling promotional gifts. If they’re given away, they do the same job of increasing memorability, as mentioned above. When sold, they raise money for the cause in question. Sometimes, promotional items aren’t about a major entity, but a specific event — say a charity run or fundraiser. No matter what they’re for, it’s easy to say that the best promotional items are usually products like promotional t-shirts, promotional tote bags, and promotional towels. Items like these are usually produced through screen printing, and can often be ordered through custom tee shirt websites. There are many reasons why items ordered through custom tee shirt websites might work for your cause, event, or business. Below, we’ll discuss a few of them.

1. Popularity

The reason why entities like custom tee shirt websites are so popular is because there is a high demand for things like tee shirts, and an almost-equal demand for products like towels and tote bags. This is particularly true when objects like these are customized, and therefore have a bit more “brand” recognition. For example, if an employee likes his or her employer, they’ll be more than happy to walk around wearing a tee shirt with their employer’s brand name on it. Plus, it’s a tee shirt! Items like tee shirts, tote bags, and towels carry a certain amount of sentimental value, with nine out of every 10 Americans admitting to keeping a shirt due to its sentimental value. You want to produce promotional product that people actually like, and people will appreciate promotional t shirts and other such screen printed items far more than they would a promotional pencil, for example. After all, it’s not for nothing that 95% of Americans wear tee shirts! Products like these are “safe” — they’re inoffensive, and can be used by anyone. This usability leads us to another great thing about producing screen printed products.

2. Practicality

Certainly, it’s simple enough to go to custom tee shirt websites and have the products you wanted screen printed the way you want them to be. But that’s not the only reason why screen printing products like these is a practical choice. For one thing, products like these can be used by everyone, as mentioned above. Nobody will ever complain about receiving a t-shirt. Even if the shirt in question isn’t the height of fashion, it certainly can be used at the very least as a night shirt. Tote bags and towels, on the other hand, are extremely practical. They not only can be used, but are often needed, and people will certainly appreciate receiving them. These are also practically made. Screen printing logos is not a difficult task, and can be done in bulk easily. Furthermore, they are usually cotton, a material that is easily sourced — grown in 85 countries and exported by 55. But don’t just think about the practical.

3. Creativity

Finally, the great thing about branding promotional items like these is that you can get creative with them. You have a variety of colors and fonts to choose from, and you can express yourself as a business person. This gives the recipients of such items a better idea of who you are as a brand and a person. You’ll be more memorable, and so will your company. The great thing about products like these is that they foster thinking about your product, not just a generalized idea of it as business cards do.