Throwing A Party? Try Renting Table Linens To Save Your Money

Tablecloth rentals for weddings

When it comes to throwing an event, saving money is often at the forefront of everybody’s mind, be it the event organizer or the party-goers themselves. Wanting to have a good time and let loose after a busy work week isn’t easy when you’re stressing over funds, after all. Rental companies are useful resources you can tap into when you require a stylish set-up that matches your budget — everything from renting table linens to chair cover rentals are available for your perusal, with warranties offered to protect against potential spills and tears. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about renting linens for a wedding reception or office party, so step ahead of the curve and look below to learn more about this useful resource.

Baby Showers And Weddings

Both weddings and baby showers have shown a significant rise in recent years, giving rental companies, designers and families alike plenty of work. According to a recent survey, the average amount spent per wedding guest neared $200 — these costs include invitations, food and outfits. When renting table linens and chairs, knowing an approximate guest count as well as measurements for the table and rented space will save you both time and money.

Graduation Parties And Birthdays

Not unlike baby showers and weddings, throwing your standard event requires a little forethought and budgeting to turn out successfully. Rental companies offer safeguards for your occasion — they’ll clean the linens after the event, with the majority of their policies protecting them against general stains from food, drink and candle wax. According to a survey, the average amount spent on graduation parties with 90 or so guests is $930. You can reduce that cost yourself by renting instead of buying.

Furniture Tips

With renting table linens freeing up both your budget and your time, you can spend more of your effort throwing together a beautiful spread. Table tops are a particularly fun way to play around with design elements, as they’re some of the first furniture choices guests will see when walking into the room — florals, linens, trinkets and even glassware are all elements that go into designing a striking reception table. Burlap and lace remains a popular choice for those looking for a combination of earthiness and elegance in their design choices.

Design Tips

What sort of theme do you want for your party? With the wide selection rental table linens have to offer, there’s no limit to the spreads you can create. Petals, rosettes and lace are all considered textured linens — you can rent them in overlays as well as full linens, helping your event to stand out in reception photos and selfies alike. Vintage remains a timeless style many turn to, with blush pink and gold acting as beautiful and subtle hues for furniture and decorations alike. Last, but not least, you can always try zigzag or checkered patterns for outdoor spring and summer parties.

Renting Linens For An Event

Rental linens offer you freedom a one-time purchase cannot, giving you countless styles to choose from without committing to a more expensive final product. Alongside linens you can rent chairs, tables and other accessories to give your event the polish it needs to be a success. Don’t worry about stains or rips, as most rental companies offer warranties to cover potential accidents. Before setting up your wedding or graduation party, check out your local rental company and see what their selection has to offer.