Staying Safe at Work in Hi Traffic Jobs

High visibility work vest

Everyone has ups and downs at their job. Sometimes, there are jobs that give us just a twinge of danger. We need to be sharp in those professions, keeping our wits about us. Then, there are jobs that cannot be described in any other way than to say they are simply dangerous.

Construction jobs of all kinds are typically in the top category of dangerous jobs. Depending on what, specifically, you do for a living, your construction job could cause you great harm if you are not well prepared.

Preparedness can take many forms. Knowing your way around your job is a very good way to start being able to fend off any dangers that might try to take you by surprise. Get to know the entrances and exits, the traffic and how it flows in and out of the construction site. If you know your job and what the job site will mean to you, you will feel confident that your mental awareness will be on your side should danger present itself.

Getting prepared should start before you actually begin work but certainly, in a practical way, getting prepared begins when you get to know your surroundings and your particular duties. When you know what gets done in your surroundings and who does what, your chances of being injured on the job go down dramatically.

In 2013, statistics show that roughly 33% of nonfatal work-related injuries that required time away from work were suffered by employees who had been with the company for less than a year.

Another way you can prepare yourself for your dangerous job is to be prepared by knowing what to wear. If visibility is typically difficult on your construction job, you might want to consider wearing hi vis work shirts, hi vis pants, and hi vis work jackets. Sometimes a fluorescent vest is all that is required to make sure people see you and see you completely.

At other times, hi vis rain gear and hi vis work jackets can make a huge difference when it comes to your safety. With the average construction worker taking over 30,000 steps–almost three times the steps of the average person–during the course of a day, she has many more opportunities to be involved in an accident. A hi vis jacket could make the difference between having an accident and an injury or escaping the potential danger altogether.

Another way to protect yourself from danger on a hi risk job is to protect your ears. If you prepare with the right kinds of earplugs, you can manage to have the noise reduced by 15 to 30 decibels. This can make a great deal of difference to your hearing.

Whether it is by getting to know your surroundings, wearing protection from clothing articles like hi vis work jackets or hi vis pants, or protecting your ears from the high decibels. Taking care of yourself is the best way to be prepared for a dangerous or potentially dangerous job.