Four Ways That Donating Clothing to Charity Makes the World a Better Place

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Have you considered donating clothing to charity? When you make clothing donations, the good that you do reaches far beyond the value of your donations themselves. It actually does good for you, it does good for a good cause, it does good for your community, and it does good for the whole planet.

If this sounds far-reaching, consider the ways donating clothing to charity benefits everyone:

Four Ways That Donating Clothing to Charity Makes the World a Better Place

  1. Donating clothing to charity makes your life better.

    There are some countries where people don’t have access to basic living necessities like food, water, and shelter. But America is not one of those countries. We are so blessed that we have far more things that we could ever need. In fact, we have too much stuff and it’s bad for our well being. Studies show that when you have more belongings that your brain feels in control of, it triggers a sense of anxiety and makes you feel like your entire life is out of control. On the flip side, when you are able to relax in a clutter-free, clean home, it has a calming effect.

    When you clear out all the belongings you don’t want or need, you aren’t just doing good for the good cause you make your clothes donations to, you are decluttering your brain and doing good for yourself.

    On top of that, anytime you do a good deed, you get a sense of goodwill that gives you energy. You feel good about the kind act that you just committed, it makes you feel good about yourself and the world around you. And that does as much good for you as it does for the recipient of your donation!

  2. Making a clothing donation helps people in need.

    Even though we are among the wealthiest nations in the world, there are still a lot of needs here. Fortunately there is an equal amount of organizations who work hard to meet those needs. When you donate your unneeded household items and clothing to a good cause, you are helping bridge the gap between needs people have and those needs being met.

    There are organizations that specifically help veterans. There are groups that strive to feed hungry children. There are non-profits that take care of stray animals. If there is any cause that is near and dear to your heart, there is likely an organization that supports it. And the clutter around your home can help that cause.
  3. Donating your unneeded goods to charity is good for your local economy.

    There is an economic term called the “multiplier effect.” Basically, it means that a single action causes a ripple effect that does more good than just the value of the immediate transaction. This is incredibly true of making a donation to charity. Think about the financial impact when you give your unneeded household goods to charity (which costs you nothing):

    • The immediate cause that you donate to is furthered. In many cases, the charity you donate your goods to will sell them in a thrift store to raise cash for their mission.
    • The people who shop at the thrift store for this charity are able to get the supplies they need at a fraction of what they’d have to pay for it new. This essentially puts extra money in their pocket.
    • Since the customers who benefited from your thrift store donation have extra money, they are able to spend it on goods and services within your community, which they wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise. The local businesses in your community benefit from your donation. In fact, if you are a local business owner, this benefit could reach you!

  4. Mother Nature wins when you donate goods to charity.

    When you donate your unneeded household goods and clothing to charity, you are giving them a second life. This benefits the planet in more than one way:

    • You are saving a landfill the space of throwing away your unneeded items.
    • The people who use your donated items don’t go buy a new one, which would have spent energy and manufacturing waste.
    • Additional waste for shipping and packaging of the new item that never was are saved.

    The planet loves it when you donate your unneeded items instead of trashing them!

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