Men’s Fashion Is a Growing and Vibrant Industry

Exotic skin shoes for men

The times they are a changin’.
The days of men’s clothing and shoes taking back seat to the women’s fashion industry seem to have faded into the wood work. Although you may have walked into a major department store two decades ago and had to search for the men’s clothing section as you made your way through racks and racks of women’s clothes, that is no longer the case. Exotic shoes for men and designer leather belts fill the pages of magazine advertisements and online publications. And while it still may be true that it is easier to find good clearance items in the women’s and junior girls section, today’s retail offerings seem to have evened out between the sexes.
In the past, it may have seemed that it was athletic offerings and boring work pants and shirts were the majority of the men’s clothing options, a wide range of exotic shoes for men, including luxury ostrich skin boots, are easy to find, both in the store and on the internet. If price is no options, in fact, you can find any color, any style that you want.
Consider some of these facts and figures about men’s clothing and fine footwear to understand how the men’s fashion wear industry has grown into an important major retail market:

  • Formal lace-up shoes for men are generally divided into two categories: Derbies and Oxfords.
  • Accounting for 40% of global sales, men?s fashion spending on luxury items grew almost twice as fast as women?s fashion spending on luxury items in 2011. These percentages were 14% by men, compared with 8% for women.
  • Sales of exotic shoes for men include a number of styles that are very traditional, as well as some trendy styles.
  • Honoring the value of some of the most expensive shoes that men purchase, it is important to make sure that items like shoe trees are used to maintain both the shape and the value. Available in both plastic and wood, shoe trees help maintain their shape when they are not in use.
  • In some studies, results show that visual cues are three to five times more powerful than audio cues.
  • On average, men?s luxury bags grew by 24% and small leather goods grew by 40%, between the years 2009 and 2014.
  • Never wear the same shoes day after day. The best way to extend the life of valuable shoes is to rotate them at least once every other day. Footwear materials compress when you walk, so rotating pair will give your shoes time to spring back to normal between wears.

  • From psychology studies, the research indicates that first impressions are formed within seven to 17 seconds of meeting someone. In fact, 55% of a person’s opinion is determined by physical appearance.
  • Originally completed in 1989 and undergoing a recent massive renovation, the Fashion Centre at Pentagon City is the largest enclosed shopping mall in Arlington. It now features 50,000 additional square feet of brand new restaurants and shops, many of which cater to the growing field of men’s fashion.
  • Retail stores and online markets are both increasingly catering toward the needs of men’s fashion buyers.

  • Men?s dress shoes account for 6 % of the shoe market share. With offerings from exotic shoes for men to mens designer monk strap shoes,
  • Everyone loves to look his best. Do you have a favorite place where you like to shop for your fine leather shoes? Finding a high quality and comfortable shoe can keep you comfortable while you make a great first impression.
  • No shoe lasts forever, but high quality leather dress shoes can accommodate tens of thousands of flexes.

Many men are in jobs where they need to be fairly formally dressed on a daily basis. From well fitting suit jackets to comfortable high fashion dress shoes, the American male work force often looks to its clothing to send a message of both strength and fashion. Although some people may get away with wearing their outdated and uncomfortable footwear, the wise worker understands the value of looking fashionable. More on this.