Men, Pay Attention! Baggy’s Out, Slim’s In — How to Dress for Success

High quality mens suits

Dressing well is an investment in yourself and your future. Ever heard the old saying “look good, feel good”? There’s a lot of truth to that. Did you know that we tend to have a first impression of someone within seven to 17 seconds of meeting them? Over half of that first impression is based on how they physically look, according to psychology studies. If you’re in a leadership role or even just working in a professional setting, it’s important to dress your best. Even if you sit in a cubicle all day and don’t interact with anyone other than your co-workers, your appearance matters. Trust me, your boss will notice if you come to work looking too casual. Investing in high end mens clothing for even just a few pieces in your wardrobe can make a big difference in how people treat you and how they view you.

Why Look Into High End Mens Clothing?
High end dress shirts and trousers are going to fit better than something you can get at a mass retailer. Many high end mens clothing stores will offer custom tailored clothing to fit your body. Though the average height for men is around five feet, seven inches and the average waist circumference is just under 40 inches, not everyone is built exactly the same — and buying clothes that don’t work well with your body isn’t doing you any favors.

Tailoring and clothes that are made to measure will make a huge difference in your wardrobe. They’ll fit better, the material will be more expensive, and you’ll have a polished, professional look that will signal to others that you are put together, care about first impressions, and are going somewhere in the world.

What Are Basic Tenets of Mens Business Attire?

Though there are general guidelines for “professional attire,” dress codes have certainly become more relaxed in recent years. In a survey, half the senior managers said that they’ve noticed less formal clothing among employees compared to five years ago and just under half said that they felt their employees dressed too casually.

Men’s business attire usually includes wearing a suit (in a dark color, like black or navy), a dress shirt (usually white or another neutral color), a matching tie, and dress shoes. The cuffs of your dress shirt should be looser than the fit of a watch and be two centimeters away from your wrist bone. And when you’re wearing a suit, you should be able to see about two centimeters of your shirt collar.

Investing in high quality mens suits is a smart move, if you’re looking for ways to slowly integrate high end mens clothing into your wardrobe. They’re the outermost piece that people will see and notice; a less expensive shirt can be hidden under the suit for now. And visiting this type of store can get you started down the right path towards dressing better in the first place. Keep reading to learn how they can assist you!

How Can I Start Dressing Better?
These stores don’t just offer quality clothes that fit perfectly, they can also offer advice and expertise. Anything in their store can be fit exactly to your measurements and many provide a wardrobe consultation for those just starting down the high end menswear path. Invest in a few high quality pieces to start — remember that classic, quality clothes will last for a long time. Think of it as an investment.

Observing men around you who dress well is another good step — what elements of their style can you emulate? When in doubt, going with slimmer fits is always a good choice — avoid the baggy pants and oversized suit jacket. It’s not doing anyone any favors. And don’t be afraid to purge your closet of items that don’t fit into your new style — if you keep them around, you may fall back into bad habits.

Dress for the success you want by visiting shops that will help you with custom fitting and tailoring, as well as steering you in the right direction.