How A Square Salad Plate Can Bring Your Wedding, Dinner Or Birthday Spread Together

Melamine salad plate

The kitchen is one of the most beloved areas of the home. It’s where you go to enjoy a peaceful lunch after a busy morning, though it can also be a place of refuge after a long day at work. Even other parts of the house, such as the porch or the dining room, benefit from everything the kitchen has to offer. When you’re unable to find joy in your dinnerware sets or are starting to feel the drag of a lackluster set-up, it’s time to reconsider what your kitchen has to offer you. This can mean looking into different types of salad plates or looking into the benefits of melamine.

For all those who want to give their kitchen a touch-up for the coming holiday months, you’re in good hands.

You name it, there’s a brand for it. The global tableware market is expected to reach $41 billion by the time 2020 arrives. With more and more people embracing the art of cooking or entertaining at home, more businesses than ever before are doing their absolute best to provide as many options as possible. This means luxurious dinner plates with matching silverware, unique serving trays and different types of cereal bowls for any home’s style. This even extends to materials.

Perhaps you’ve heard of the material melamine while flipping through your favorite magazine. This material has been rising in popularity, particularly for those who love to cook, and is quickly replacing even traditional materials in multiple industries. Unlike many glazed materials, melamine is proven to be 100% dishwasher safe and very convenient for large families that need a little extra convenience to get through the day. First synthesized all the way back in 1834, melamine contains around 67% nitrogen by mass.

Your tableware doesn’t just have to be delegated to the home, either. It can be used for all sorts of outdoor events or rare occasions. Over 50% of women find planning their wedding or after-party to be much more stressful than they imagined, making a rustic melamine dinnerware a secret weapon no special day should go without. Every weekend in the United States sees an average of 44,000 weddings taking place. Rather than fussing over what to do, go the extra mile and seek out function and style.

Dinnerware patterns come in a variety of beautiful styles, though they are separated into basic categories to make shopping a breeze. You have serveware, dinnerware, flatware and drinkware when it comes to function. For those curious about style, look no further than romantic, classic or modern to scratch your artistic itch. Does this mean you should buy a square salad plate or look into a brown color scheme to match your furniture, though? Let’s look at some common ideas.

Modern styles put a greater emphasis on sleek shapes and simple colors. A square salad plate is a pleasant addition that can bring together any delicious spread. Romantic is nearly on the opposite end and goes for swirling details and heavy textures to invoke an older period in time. For those that want to keep it simple, any set should cover basic plates, cups, forks, knives, spoons and wine glasses. Combining these with melamine means you can have everything you need in one great package.

Whether you want a nice square salad plate for the baby shower or a classic set-up to bring your home together, you’ll never be at a lack of options.