Is This Weekend’s Party at Your House?

Kentucky bourbon accessories

When it comes to weekend parties, beer kegs do not really meet your needs any more. From the Simply Southern clothing items that you wear to the Makers Mark products that you serve your guests, your parties are not like the average get togethers of your college days. Now that you have the time and the resources to offer your guests the best, in fact, your parties have become a social gathering for a smaller amount of close friends who enjoy the Makers Mark products, Kentucky memorabilia decorations, and regional foods.
Kentucky Straight Bourbon, a handmade whisky carefully crafted in Loretto, Kentucky, like the University of Kentucky apparel that your guests wear, are signs of a real old fashioned party. From watching basketball or football games to celebrating a friend celebrate another decade birthday, getting together with this close group of friends has become a tradition.
Parties That Embrace Regional Traditions Are Growing in Popularity
Whether you are donning Simply Southern shirts or University of Kentucky gear, embracing regional traditions is a great way to approach party planning. During a time when some feel that their traditions are slipping away, a party can help unite family, as well as friends from college, and even high school.
As the football season is in full swing and the college basketball season is just starting, it should come as no surprise that more and more parties focus on a sporting event and having a good time:

  • Although it does not need to be made in Kentucky, 95% of the world’s bourbon is made in this one state.
  • 73% of Americans use a promotional product at least once a week, according to Promotional Products Association International.
  • 45% use a promotional product daily, according to Promotional Products Association International.
  • Basketball parties are a huge success in the early spring, but he odds of filling out a perfect March Madness bracket are one in 9.2 quintillion.

When was the last time that you hosted your friends and family for a party? Do you have a party planned for this weekend? To make sure that your gathering is a success, consider focusing on regional traditions, including favorite foods.