The New Supreme/Nike Collaboration Now Online

Supreme clothing online

Supreme brand clothing fans, get your wallets ready: the new shoe collaboration with Nike is finally here. And it looks awesome.

The Nike Blazer low GT is now available with the Supreme apparel stamp of approval in three cool colors: tan, teal, and pink. You can find them in retail location in New York, Los Angeles, or Paris, or you can buy Supreme online starting September 15. As most diehard Supreme fans already know, Thursdays at 11 a.m. is prime launch time to scoop up the next hot release.

The body for these shoes are made of suede with a gum sole and the iconic Nike swoosh, of course. A gold foil logo of Supreme caps the heel with a matching “FTW” on the leather back heel.

These skate shoes are the first Nike/Supreme collaboration in over a year, but they’re well worth the wait. Those who usually buy Supreme online better be fast with the mouse, since these puppies are sure to sell out soon.

If you miss the September 15 drop here and in Europe, don’t despair: Just go to Japan! The shoes will launch there on September 17.

These retail for $98 according to the official Supreme online apparel store, which is pretty reasonable for skate shoes of this quality. The average price of skateboarder sneakers is $50 to $100.

Need other ways to up your clothing game while you’re on your board? Supreme recently announced their fall/winter 2016 preview, with lots of very cool items like the Roses Sherpa Fleece reversible jacket and the “illegal business controls america” hats.

They say you can tell a lot about a man by the kind of shoes he wears. Studies say that nonverbal cues can have four times the impact on making first impressions than verbal cues. What will these Supreme/Nike shoes say about you?

Perhaps it’ll depend on which color you choose. Brown is a standard color in a lot of skate shoes, but pink? And baby blue? They might be a bit risque compared to your normal kicks, but one thing’s for sure: They’re going to make a statement, and people are going to know where you got them from.