How Can You Forstall the Effects of Aging? Find Out Here

Hollywood plastic surgery

What?s the secret to looking youthful these days? In spite of what Twilight might have you believe, the answer isn?t becoming a vampire. Rather than spend hours figuring out clever ways to cover aging with makeup, many are choosing instead to invest in non-invasive procedures in order to look younger and more vibrant.

In 2014, the U.S. spa industry posted revenues of over $15 billion, and this is only expected to grow as more people consider their available options.

So: what procedures can you consider getting this upcoming year? Let?s review.


Botox injections are nothing new, but there?s a reason they?ve remained popular so long among celebrities and ?regular? people as well. Botox uses a (safe) neurotoxin in order to essentially ?freeze? the facial muscles in place, preventing them from forming the lines that indicate aging. These injections can be placed wherever needed, whether it?s the forehead, around the mouth, or at the corners of one?s eyes. Botox typically takes several days to fully ?set? and the effect lasts for multiple months. Interestingly, Botox has also been used to treat depression, as well as chronic headaches.

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

This is a relatively new treatment. Platelet cells are used to heal injured parts of the body. For this reason, researchers have been experimenting with using platelet rich plasma injections to treat localized sections of the body. This can be used either to treat injury, or to treat aging skin. By pumping the problem area with platelets, it is possible to speed up the rate of ?recovery? and encourage skin to look newer and fresher than it would typically. In most cases, the platelets are obtained by drawing a sample of the patient?s blood and separating it in a centrifuge so that a higher concentration of platelet rich plasma can be obtained for injection into the face (or any other relevant area).

Stem Cell Therapy

You?ve likely heard a lot about the importance of stem cells. Stem cells are important because they can treat a wide range of disorders thanks to their flexibility and adaptability. Stem cells can be injected into aging skin in order to rejuvenate these areas. Stem cell therapy Los Angeles is fairly popular, but other cities offer it as well.

Have you ever received injections or plastic surgery as a way to curb the signs of aging? Let us know about your experiences.