Excuses to Dress Your Child Up in Pajamas Onesies All Year Round

Footed pajamas for adults

We all know Halloween isn’t until October, but sometimes you can’t wait that long to dress up your baby in cute outfits — especially when they grow so fast! Whether it’s an animal outfit, a superhero onesie, or the perennial favorite pea pod suit, every infant looks cute in pajamas onesies. But, let’s face it, some onesies are cuter than others.

Summer is just as good an opportunity as any dress-up holiday to show off your baby’s fashionista side in pajamas onesies. Besides, with newborns who sleep 14 to 17 hours a day, their outfit is more about your amusement and ease than anything else. If you have a fun footed pajama suit for your new child, you have every right to break it out all year round. Here are some summer excuses you might come up with if strangers try to give you a judgmental side-eye.

It’s comfortable. Who wouldn’t want to lounge around all day wrapped in fleece? One piece pajama fabric tends to come in varying degrees of thickness, from 100 to 300. The 100 is the lightest and most flexible — i.e., perfect for warmer weather.

Nothing else fits. It’s the classic parenting conundrum: Babies grow and clothes shrink. Even onesies typically size down by about 7% after a regular wash and dry cycle, so it’s important to get the most use out of them while you still can — especially if everything else is already in the wash.

It brings out her eyes. Still getting weird glances from fellow shoppers at the supermarket when you have your baby dressed up in a panda pajama suit? All you really need to do is show them how cute your child really is. After that, who could stay mad?

Parenting is hard enough as it is without having to worry about your baby’s fashion sense. You don’t really need any excuse to clothe them in whatever is most comfortable and convenient — for you and for them! There’s nothing easier, more convenient, or more utterly adorable than pajamas onesies for babies. That’s exactly why they’ll never go out of fashion.