How Can I Donate Gently Used Clothes?

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Did you know that giving is associated with greater health? Experiencing gratitude is now acknowledged to be an important part of a full, healthy life. About 95% of Americans are reaping this health boost, as they regularly engage in some form of charity such as monetary donations, services, or donating much-needed items.

Charitable Clothing Donations

You don’t need to give money to be charitable. If your current circumstances do not allow for gifting cash, there are plenty of other ways to be generous. For example, charitable clothing donations are one method that nearly anyone can do. In fact, the year 2011 saw about 2 million tons of clothing recycled or donated to a charity. Here’s your guide on how to select items for donation, and a few options on where to take those selections.

What Does “Gently Used” Really Mean? How to Choose Items For Donation.

Charitable clothing donations need to be gently used or in new condition. Items worn close to the skin such as bras, underwear, and socks are not appropriate for donation if they have been worn. But if you are considering an item that is still in its packaging, such as a package of new socks, that is fine. The clothing should be free of stains, rips, tears, and discoloration. Items should be washed before donating.

An easy way to decide what to give away is to clean out your closets. Any clothing items that are not fit to be given away should be thrown away. Clothing pieces that no longer fit, are out of style, or you just never wear are great candidates for the donation bin. As a bonus, you’ll have more space in your closet after this sorting spree.

Where Can I Donate Clothes? How to Find Locations.

It is easier than ever to donate clothes. An easy online search will return the nearest locations around you, and with that comes information concerning the hours and drop-off policy of those establishments. Very often the nearest locations may not even be an employee operated charity but a drop-box. If you chose this option, make sure your donation items are securely enclosed in a sturdy plastic bag.

What If I Don’t Have Time to Drive Somewhere? Finding Charities That Offer Pick Up.

Charitable clothing donations can also be picked up from your home or place of business. To find establishments near you willing to pick up, just run an online search to set up an appointment. You might be able to chose a date and time online, or you might need to make a phone call to secure your time slot. They might ask you to place the donations in a plastic bag, or they might prefer a closed box. You can confirm the details on their website or when you call.

You don’t need to have extra cash to be charitable. It is just as generous to give charitable clothing donations to those people in need. Just make sure you abide by the guidelines of gently used or new clothing. And of course, don’t forget to actually make the donation. With today’s convenience, there’s really no excuse not to be charitable.