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Clothes donations

Clothing donation is one of the largest charitable categories in the country. Clothing and shoe donation boxes are located in every town and city and are very easy to locate. In addition, used clothing organizations are plentiful and are almost always ready to accept a clothing donation. With 95.4% of American people engaging in charitable donations of one type or another, clothing donations can, at times, be abundant.

Giving to charitable organizations can be done all year round; however, it is estimated that many people feel the most charitable around the holidays. For as many people as there are who give used clothing in good condition to different organizations, there are just as many who will purchase those used items. It is estimated that every year the average American will buy up to ten pounds of used clothing. The truth is, because of the state of the economy right now, it is sometimes very difficult for people to be able to afford to buy new clothes, not to mention other needed items. More and more consignment and used clothing shops are springing up throughout the United States every year.

Unfortunately, one class of people who rank high on the list of those in need are U.S. veterans. Their rate of unemployment is said to be 2% over the national percentage for average citizens. Many veterans are unemployed because of injuries received during their time of service, and, sadly, many are permanently disabled as a result. Organizations that help military families and those providing veterans clothing donations are of tremendous assistance to these men and women, as well as other veterans charities that aid in helping them find not only decent clothes to wear, but also housing and employment. Studies showed that in March of 2013, there were 207,000 veterans who were unable to find any kind of work. In 2012 the percentage of veterans, ages 18-24 who were unable to find work was 20.4%.

When individuals donate clothes to charity, it is not always known exactly where that clothing will go. A charity specific to a particular group of people will give the items to those people. For instance, donations for military families will go to those specific families. When giving to large charitable organizations, like the Salvation Army, the clothing and other items given will usually be dispensed to people local to the area where the donation was made. These are given to anyone in need, not just a specific group.

Many cities in the United States have a section where the people are less privileged than in other parts of that same city. As an example, the city of Philadelphia, rated one of the country’s top ten largest cities, also has the highest poverty rate. It is estimated that of the cities residents, 440,000 are living below the federal poverty line. Different charities in that city, and in many other cities with similar statistics, are hard at work trying to provide for those who, for many different reasons, are not able to provide for themselves and their families. For people who would like to give but are not able to bring their donations in to the location themselves, there are charities that will pick up donations right at their homes. A classic example of Mohammed coming to the mountain! Those who run charities do this type of work because they have a heart to help people. Therefore, no donation is too small or unimportant to go a little bit out of their way for! Someone will benefit from it when all is said and done, and, for that reason, it is worth the trip.

Clothing and household items, if donated to a non profit organization can be written off on the donor’s taxes. But, whether giving specifically to non profit organizations or not, donations for those in need are always a welcome blessing to the organizations, and ultimately, the people who receive them. It is not always possible for a single parent to provide a roof over his or her children’s heads, food on the table, and warm clothing on their backs. Coats and snow boots can be expensive, and a gently used pair of warm boots will be received with immense gratitude.