How Black Entertainment Has Made Waves Over The Past Five Decades

Black entertainment gossip

Black entertainment news has been reaching exponential new heights these past few decades. With recent black-led films like ‘Moonlight’ and ‘Fences’ smashing box office records and raking in impressive reviews, it’s caused many to reflect and look back at history to see the road that paved the way. Celebrity gossip often has a reputation as being shallow or irrelevant to everyday life, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. To be caught up on current celebrity news is to be caught up on what’s going on in the world. From fashion to film to environmental awareness, your latest black gossip site might have much more to offer you than you originally thought.

The Advent Of Black Films

Black-led films have enjoyed steady success over the years and have manifested as some of the most famous box office treasures of 2017. But how did we get here? The answer lies in some of Hollywood’s most beloved actors and the trails they helped blaze. Will Smith is a name you’re likely familiar with, one of the film industry’s most highly paid actors and a consistent box office draw even in his less successful projects. Nearly every single film he’s been in has raked in at least $100 million! Denzel Washington is another popular actor who has won two Oscars and is still one of the few black actors to win an Academy Award. The first was given to Sidney Poitier back in the 1960’s.

Current Successful Black Actors

If you regularly peruse your favorite black gossip site, you’re likely familiar with some up-and-coming stars. Ava DuVernay, already making waves with her hit indie film ‘Middle Of Nowhere’ and her recent biopic of Martin Luther King Jr. in ‘Selma’, is collaborating with Disney to create an adaption of ‘A Wrinkle In Time’. Jordan Peele’s ‘The Get Out’ has one of the highest scores on the popular film critic website Rotten Tomatoes and Disney’s recent ‘The Queen Of Katwe’ has seen Lupita Nyong’o continuing to reach new emotional heights. But let’s say you’re more of a music fan. What can you say about the latest Hollywood tunes?

The Power Of Black Music

A black gossip site will have plenty of the latest music as well as throwbacks to the 80’s and 90’s to keep its audience satiated. Even now Beyonce is setting incredible records and blowing minds with her latest album, ‘Lemonade’. She has an estimated net worth of around $450 million, having been one of the most successful female musicians of all time worldwide. Her husband, Jay-Z, has an estimated net worth of $650 million and their collective wealth combined has recently reached $1 billion. Not only that, but Jay-Z even broke a record held by Elvis Presley for most number one albums held by a solo artist.

Beautiful Black Fashion

Are you a fan of fashion? Then look no further than black news websites. One of history’s legendary trendsetters is no other than Tyra Banks, the very first African-American to be featured in the historical GQ as well as Victoria’s Secret and Sports Illustrated. Another famous black model back in the day was Donyale Luna, the first black model to make an appearance on the cover of Vogue. Other up-and-coming models that are making waves in fashion and even film are Khoudia Diop, Winnie Harlow, Adwoa Aboah and Chanel Iman. As you can see, the average black gossip site isn’t just about what you know. It’s about how in tune you are with the art of the human form.

The Beauty Of Celebrity Gossip And News

Celebrity news is only getting better from here on out. With so much new talent being offered on a daily basis, there’s more film, television and fashion to enjoy than ever before. A 2011 study conducted by the Harvard Business School found that signing big-name endorsers is much more successful with the aid of celebrity support, going so far as to increase a company’s sale by at least $10 million. Likewise, celebrity-induced support for causes tends to be the highest among the 18-36 year-old crowd. When it comes to a black gossip site, your voice matters. How will you stay in touch with the world?