One State Working on Banning Plastic Bags in Supermarkets

Wine bag

Many people are joining together to stop stores from using plastic bags. Research shows that one person using a plastic bag for their entire life would remove over 22,000 bags from polluting the environment. People in the United States will use nearly 100 billion plastic bags each and every year. Minneapolis is a city that is setting trends in how they are working to ban plastic bags from being used in local stores. In this post, you will learn more about the current state of a potential statewide ban.

The local Legislature in Minneapolis recently passed a bill concerning local budgets. If the governor of Minneapolis signs this bill, stores will be changing the way they bag their items. This bill will put an end to the statewide use of plastic bags for stores in Minnesota.

Current attitudes of stores seem to think that this bill is all but a sure thing. One store even warned shoppers that they will need to have reusable bags ready. If your store is being affected by a plastic bag, there are multiple ways to obtain custom reusable grocery bags. You can even tailor custom reusable grocery bags to proudly feature your brand.

The need for changes to current bagging materials is a concern that many people share. It is easy to see why many are supporting the passing of a ban on plastic bags. The most common replacement for a store not using plastic bags is often reusable shopping bags. A reusable lasts for up to 700 more shopping trips than would a single plastic bag.

In closing, the passing of the upcoming bill in Minneapolis looks to be a done deal. If signed by the local governor, stores would have to discontinue providing plastic bags for their customers. In addition, a store would not be allowed to sell plastic bags to customers for shopping goods. Stores will still be allowed to offer paper bags to customers. However, there will be a five cent charge implemented, making custom reusable grocery bags a more attractive option. Find more on this topic here.