3 Ways To Improve Your Salon Or Spa Business

Massage table warmer pad

Do you own a spa or salon or are you interested in getting into the spa and salon business? Maybe you are not yet convinced that opening a spa or salon is the best option for you. You would be surprised to learn all the things you can do to make your spa or salon business more marketable to consumers. Whether you have been running a spa or salon for a long time or you are just now opening your spa or salon business, there are plenty of ways to engage customers.

Since 2007, the spa industry has grown exponentially. It increased annually by 12 percent overall. According to statistics, the spa industry is seeing an increase in total revenue currently. Between 2014 and 2015, there was a 5 percent increase overall for the spa industry. This equaled an increased from $15.5 billion to $16.3 billion in revenue. In addition to revenue, the number of visits spas and salons received increased that same year. It was a 2.1 percent increase meaning the number of visits jumped from 176 million to 179 million visits in 2015. If these statistics are not convincing enough as reason to improve your salon or spa or to open your own salon or spa, keep reading.

Here are for three ways to increase the number of people that come to your spa or salon and to increase repeat customers. From purchasing a massage table warmer pad, to professional spa supplies to esthetician equipment, there are numerous things you can to get more customers.

1. Esthetician equipment

One way to expand your spa and salon services is by investing in esthetician equipment. This was make your salon or spa look that much more professional to clientele. You will also bring in a larger segment of customers if you expand your services. Both your current clientele and the new consumers you bring in will be excited to see professional esthetician services and products for their skin care. They will also likely turn into repeat customers as they take advantage of everything else your salon or spa offers.

2. Massage table warmer pad

This might not seem like that important of a thing to consider, but in actuality, little things like this make all the difference at salons and spa. A consumer is much more likely to visit your business, recommend your business to friends and family and return to your business over and over again if they appreciate the effort you put into making your business the best it can be.

When a customer is getting a massage, they want to be comfortable and relaxed. One way to ensure that is to invest in massage spa equipment like a massage table blanket and a massage table warmer pad for each massage table. Your customers will truly appreciate the attention you paid to making sure they are comfortable and relaxed during their spa experience.

3. Professional spa supplies

Similar to adding estheticians and esthetician equipment to your spa or salon, making sure you have professional spa supplies is essential. If your customer has ever visited another salon before, they will immediately notice the difference between a professional spa or salon and one that falls short. Plus, the more professional spa supplies, the more likely they are to invest more of their money in your spa by returning, recommending it to other people and by purchasing any supplies you have available to customers.

With 16,710 spas in the United States alone in 2016, there is no room for your spa or salon to not be the best it can be. You have to make sure that you can bring in customers and retain customers in order to keep your business alive. Have you made any changes to your spa or salon like purchasing a massage table warmer pad to bring in customers? Let us know in the comments below what positive changes you have made recently.