A Tattooing or Piercing Apprenticeship Can Lead to a Fulfilling Career

Instructional body piercing apprenticeship

Tattooing and body art are a mixture of art and science. Creative designs must be executed with precision, and a high standard of safety and hygiene must be followed. Tattooing and body piercing apprenticeships have traditionally been the best way to learn these crafts. By working with a master artist, you can learn traditional skills, modern practices – specially those relating to hygiene – and develop your own style and designs. If you sign up for a tattooing or piercing apprenticeship what to expect?

If you’re ready to begin your tattooing or piercing apprenticeship what to expect?
You must have an interest in art and in body in art in particular, a talent for drawing and creating your own designs, a steady hand and the patience to carry out complicated designs. A tattoo and body piercing apprenticeship program typically lasts for two years. In the early stages, the apprentice learns safety and sanitation techniques but does not yet do any tattooing or piercing.
Over time an apprentice sees different tattoo and body piercing types, before going on to learn how to body pierce and tattoo. Depending on the customer’s preference, the tattoo artist can create customized images using original designs, or stock images.

Why seek a body piercing apprenticeship?
For someone who wants a career as an artist, living and working outside the box, an instructional body piercing apprenticeship can be the road to a successful and fulfilling career. Those most likely to succeed have a deep calling to the art form. They also need sound business sense, or at least access to a source of sound business advice. They must be invested in their personal and professional growth.

The continuing popularity of body art
Tattoos and body piercings are an enduring form of body art that fascinates and baffles sociologists and other scholars. Combining both tradition and rebellion, they are at the minimum a form of self expression in collaboration with the artist.
The oldest known body piercing dates back to 2500 B.C. and belongs to a body found in a grave. Body piercings are an even more popular form of body art than tattoos, and a survey of high school students found that 27% had a preference for body piercings as compared to 8% for tattooing. The world record for the most body piercings is held by Elaine Davidson of Scotland. She has 6,005 body piercings.

A career as a body piercing or tattoo artist
After completing your piercing apprenticeship what to expect from a career? Given the continuing popularity of these forms of body art, skilled artists are very much in demand. Many apprenticeship programs offer guaranteed placement. If you decide to open your own studio, you should be aware of the stringent safety regulations that must be followed. Tattoo and body pierocng studios must also pass regular health inspections.