Why Changing Your Hairstyle Can Be So Much Fun!

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A woman’s hairstyle can be one of the most important aspects of her life. It reflects her personality, her place in life, her mood, any many more. A woman typically has over 100 different hairstyles throughout her lifetime, and it is very important to make sure they are up to her standards. Whether you want someone who knows how to sew in a full weave, turn your hair completely blue, or cut 15 to 20 inches off your hair, these hairstyle changes are always up to you!

There are many causes that lead to women changing their hairstyles so much during their lives. Many women decide they want to do something new to their hair like get extensions after a traumatic life experience like a breakup or death, about 17% of women change their hairstyle so they can hide any gray hair, and according to a study of 3,000 women: nearly 50% of women admit to mixing things up with their hairstyle because they are bored, and 61% said they just “wanted a change.” Attending a nice dinner or party could lead women to change their hairstyles, too.

There are many benefits that women experience from changing their hairstyles. Some women enjoy the “new me” feeling after a style change, and a lot of women feel a confidence associated with a brand-new hairdo. One major benefit is typically, a new hairstyle makes a person look younger, and who doesn’t mind a few years being taken off their age?

There are so many hairstyles that can be chosen, it is important that stylists handle every women’s hair with care and professionalism. Luckily, there are over 650,000 hair stylists in the United States. According to the Professional Beauty Association, there has been nearly a 30% increase in the number of salons that offer hair extensions in the United States. This is good because there are a lot more well-trained professionals that know how to sew in a full weave and do various other hair styles.

Women always have and always will enjoy changing their hairstyles. They might be persuaded one way or another, but the final decision should always be up to them. Having someone learn how to sew in a full weave and work with you to change your hairstyle can be exactly what you are looking for. Have fun!