Donating To Charity Is A Wonderful Thing Starting Spring Cleaning Early With Houseware Donations

Donating to charity just feels good.

This is perhaps the most pervasive reason why so many Americans, year after year, reach out to their local charity and ask what can be done. It’s nice to help out others in need, particularly when you’ve been in a rough spot before and could use a pick-me-up. The only thing better than doing something positive for your community? Cleaning up the environment, saving money on your taxes, and reducing clutter in your home. Yes, believe it or not…houseware donations and clothing pick-up services go even further than your good spirit.

There are so many benefits, in fact, it can be hard to summarize them all. Here are just five you should know about when visiting your local military charities.

Support Your Community With Gently Used Clothes

When’s the last time you went to a thrift shop and felt your heart leap at a beautiful article of clothing for a low price? When you offer some of your own clothes to charity donations you’re, essentially, recreating that very same experience. The average American today purchases 10 pounds of previously used clothing every year. The definition of gently used means no clothing with huge tears, stains, or burns. Keep in mind, however, that even damaged clothes can be recycled.

Clean Up Landfills By Recycling Useful Materials

One of the most hazardous locations for today’s environment is the landfill. Filled to the brim with bacteria and waste, it affects outdoor air pollution and takes up valuable space that could instead be used for rehabilitating wildlife or housing. Recent research has found 12 million tons of clothing and textile waste is thrown out in the United States every year. The average person will generate nearly five pounds of trash every day! Nearly all household textiles can be reused without a drop in quality, including spandex and cotton.

Reduce Frustrating Clutter In Your Home

Spring cleaning can be done a little early, can’t it? When you think of houseware donations that could cheer up your neighbors you also free up your home of unwanted clutter. The average American home has nearly 300,000 items, with the garage and patio being some of today’s most overused spaces. Think about what removing a few of those ill-fitting sweaters and jeans can do to clear up your closet? Not only can you enjoy a cleaner home, you can turn those houseware donations and clothing donations into saved dollars.

Save Money On Your Taxes

Tax season isn’t fun for anyone. Consider clothing donations when you want to shave a little stress off your week. Back in 2011 an estimated two million tons of clothing and textiles were recycled or donated to charity. Many of these people also saved their receipts to then put that generosity toward a tax write-off. The thing about charities is they’re the gift that keeps on giving, creating a domino effect that is slowly, but surely, felt by every layer of society.

Tips For Donating Clothes And Houseware To Charity

Can you think of some unwanted kitchen items or clothes you can donate? You’re already taking the first step toward doing your community, your environment, and your wallet some good. Remember to keep your receipt on hand it when it comes time to file. It also doesn’t hurt to call your local Purple Heart and ask what donations are in high demand (such as suits, jackets, or socks). If you’ve got a busy schedule, donation pick up services are always ready to lend a hand.

Life is rough. When you donate to charity, everyone feels a little better.