Why You Might Need More Luxury Italian Loafers in Your Life

Exotic skin shoes

Everyone can appreciate a good pair of shoes. There is just something about stepping out after a successful shoe shopping trip that makes you feel like you are on top of the world. Everyone has their own personal style that helps to express who they are to the world without saying a word. Strappy, towering heels, luxury Italian loafers, or a simple pair of flip-flops, your favorite way to dress up your feet can say a lot. But the most important thing about the what you slip your feet into is how those shoes make you feel.

Finding the right pair of Italian leather shoes
There are a multitude of different types of shoes, but there are some that stand out as good staples to have in your closet, that work for many different situations that you might find yourself dressing for. Having a quality pair of luxury Italian loafers is a good way to ensure you always have the comfortable and stylish pair on hand that you need. Whether you are dressing for a business meeting, an upscale charity event, a night on the town, or a personal celebration like a wedding or lavish birthday party, you will be able to walk in with confidence, as if your feet had been tended to by Mercury himself. There have been studies that have revealed that visual cues, such as a sharp pair of shoes, or the confident body language that they might initiate, are three times to five times more powerful as audio cues such as words alone or even the intonation used.

Keeping both your shoes and your feet in good shape
Shoes could be considered the tires to the machine that is your body. Many people do not realize the significance of the right quality pair of shoes, and how they can affect the body. It is not simply about how comfortable your feet are, but if you wear one pair of shoes too long, or wear shoes that are not meant for long hours or much walking or standing, you could end up doing damage to your legs and back as well. One recommendation is that shoes that are meant for movement, such as running or walking shoes, should be replaced every few months, and definitely once they have hit the 500 mile mark, if you keep track of steps or distances.

For other shoes, it is a good idea to put them in some sort of rotation so that they do not get worn out as quickly. Footwear, as it is supporting your entire body weight, gets compressed when you walk and stand for long periods, so switching them out for another pair for awhile allows them to spring back a bit before you wear them again, instead of continuously wearing down if you wear them nonstop.

The draw to leather
There is something about leather materials that people gravitate toward. It could be that it has been used as a durable material for centuries, or that there can always be some element of it found in fashion. But whether it is luxury Italian loafers for men or a favorite jacket or bag, leather has continued to be a popular item. The average consumer will often have four or more leather items with them at any given moment, whether it is an accessory like a wallet or watch strap, or something they are wearing, like a belt or shoes.

There has also been an interest over the years in exotic skin shoes, such as crocodile, python, or even stingray. However these leathers are not as popular as a whole, as they only account for about 1% of all leathers that are traded around the world. As people become more aware of the planet and the other beings we share it with, there has been an increase in environment and animal consciousness. That being said, leather in general will likely always be a staple in the fashion world.

There are plenty of reasons to go shoe shopping. And it can never hurt to invest in at least one pair of luxury Italian loafers, for whatever occasion you might encounter.