What You Need to Age Your Own Whiskey

When aging your whiskey there are a few steps you need to follow to ensure it is done properly. This video covers the necessary steps so you can begin using the make your own whiskey kits.

But first, here’s a quick note about the size of the barrel and how it impacts the aging process. The typical barrel used for aging is 53 gallons.

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As you get down to smaller barrel sizes, the surface area to volume increases, meaning more wood touches whiskey. This is why using one-half gallon barrels allows you to age your whiskey in just a few short months.

Let’s cover the steps for aging your whiskey using the kit:
– Put the funnel into the top of the barrel.
– Pour hot tap water into the barrel. This will cause swelling, making it water-tight before putting whiskey inside. Once leaking stops, dump the water out.
– Pour both bottles of high-proof whiskey into the barrel.
– Top the barrel off with tap water.
– Completely seal the bung into the top of the barrel, making sure it is water-tight.

Note: Keep the barrel in a temperate location and taste frequently!

After a few months, enjoy your whiskey!.