Western Rodeo Style is Growing In Popularity

From western graphic tees, rodeo sweatshirts, and even western money clips, this style has been enjoying an increase in popularity in recent years. Whether you admire the style, or you’re a die hard rodeo fan, I think we can all agree that cowboy boots always look good with a faded pair of jeans.

When many of us think of western rodeo style, we conjurer up images of gentlemen dressed to the nines with cowboy boots,cowboy hats, and a shining western money clips tucked away in their back pocket; ready to buy a round of long necks for their buddies after a long day of riding. And while individuals like that do exist, not everyone who participates in western style adheres to that image. It is far from the only staple that encompasses western style.

Rodeo fans who don’t feel like going all out, can show their support and love of the sport though rodeo sweatshirts, similar to how many wear football team sweatshirts, or other graphic tee options. In fact the rodeo can be just as exciting, if not more so, than many major sports games. Watching professionals participate in roping, bull riding, trick riding, among other physically demanding challenges, can be a nail biting, adrenaline pumping way to spend and afternoon. It’s no wonder so many enjoy going to the rodeo, and want to show their support through their fashion choices.

However, if you do want to fully embody the classic western rodeo style, don’t be afraid to don the cowboy boots and hat proudly. While in more northern states it can be a rarity to see an individual sporting such a look, don’t be dissuaded no matter where you live. Rodeo style is as rich and vibrant as the history of the sport itself, and anyone who wants to, should take part in it. Western style has even made an impact in Japan, where many people have embraced the aesthetic with open arms!

The most important thing when it comes to dressing in a western style is, be comfortable, and be yourself. This can be as simple as a pair of boots, jeans, and your favourite western graphic tee. You can even look at western money clips, to keep your bills easily accessible in your pocket, and you’ve got yourself a look. Western style can be as simple, or as complex as you feel like making it. You don’t have to dress like an old school trick rider all day everyday, but you can save that for special occasions. Keep it simple, and don’t stress the details, you’ll find a combo that works for you.