3 Tips for Selecting a Wedding Venue

When you’re looking to get your wedding planned and the venue set, you need to look at all of the places to have a wedding reception in your area. You may have a couple of ideas, but it’s always good to know what’s available to you. You may want a place with a ballroom for a wedding near you or need some other type of venue. Many people have their weddings outside if it’s a nice time of year for the weather.

Ballrooms for weddings near you may be available at places that you didn’t think of. It’s helpful to talk to people about weddings they’ve been to in order to get some ideas for venues. You might want to tour a few of them before you make up your home. If you want a banquet hall, there may be several possibilities in your area.

Many people worry about the banquet hall rental cost. The banquet hall cost can be high, but it usually isn’t any higher than other types of venues. If you rent out a mansion or estate home for the wedding, the cost of that will be much higher on average. They can lead to a beautiful wedding, though.

If you are working on your wedding plans, one of the first decisions that you should make about your wedding is the best venue for it. Intimate wedding venues tend to get booked far in advance, so it’s important to lock in the venue you want as early as you can. The best wedding places near me might be books as much as a year in advance. It’s important to discover the best wedding places near me as early as you can.

The best wedding reception place in your area may not be among the best wedding venues in the United States, but they are great places that are convenient for your friends and family. When you start to consider potential wedding venues in your area, consider both indoor and outdoor venues. Some of the best wedding venues in the U.S.A. are outside to take advantage of beautiful natural scenery.

When you are wedding planning, think about the size of the wedding you will have. This will be a big factor in the type of wedding venue you choose. The venue has to be large enough to house all of the people you want to invite. For a small wedding, an intimate venue will work.

There is no question that planning a wedding can be the most stressful activities you’ll ever have to do. In fact, 50% of women find planning a wedding to be far more stressful than they imagined. Outside of choosing the wedding dress, the most important decision in planning any wedding is selecting the perfect wedding venue. There are many types of large event spaces to choose from for this important event and brides are under considerable pressure to choose the one that will suit everyone’s needs the best. Here are X tips for selecting the perfect wedding venue.

First, think outside the box when choosing a location. Traditionally, the most popular places to get married include banquet halls, country clubs and hotels, but 40% of couples now look for unusual venues that better reflect their personality. To that end, instead of looking at a hotel or the nearest country club, consider holding your wedding at an arboretum or botanical garden. These are large outdoor gardens that collect a variety of exotic flowers and trees and can provide picture-perfect venues for an outdoor wedding. Arboretums and botanical gardens can be easily found in all fifty states and can cost far less than what the country club charges to host your wedding.

Second, consider holding your wedding at a church. Whether your wedding is meant to be a religious ceremony or not, there’s no denying churches are ideal locations to hold a wedding because they often have large event spaces like a dining hall or gym attached to the building that can serve as a reception venue after the ceremony, eliminating the need for the wedding party and guests to travel to a separate location for the reception. There’s also, of course, the large sanctuary that can provide plenty of space for the wedding. And if you’re wanting to avoid a traditional church with stained glass, consider non-denominational churches, as they often have large auditoriums that more closely resemble a corporate event space.

Third, especially if you have a large budget, consider a destination wedding at an island resort. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to travel to exotic (but distant) islands like Tahiti or Hawaii. There are islands all over the Caribbean, such as the British Virgin Islands, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico that provide a variety of indoor and outdoor wedding venues that guarantee a beautiful wedding. Traveling to a resort opens up access to unique event spaces like old hotels or churches with unique architecture. Resorts will often have corporate venues that can be easily converted into a wedding or reception area. There’s also the choice of a beachside wedding, an ideal space for a wedding and reception as beaches provide plenty of room to set up a venue space. An added benefit of a destination wedding is you can easily leave for your honeymoon since you’re already at your destination.

There is naturally going to be stress when it comes to choosing a wedding venue as there is when you look at any number of large event spaces. You can bypass the traditional locations and hold an outdoor wedding at a botanical garden; you can use a local church which serves as a readymade wedding venue; or you can even travel to a destination wedding and choose from a wide variety of indoor and outdoor locations. Hopefully, these three tips have served to inspire your choice.