Tips on Buying a Video Game for a Relative Who Loves Them, When You Know Nothing

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Did you know that 65% of U.S. households have a gamer in them, lurking somewhere behind a console or a computer? It may very well be your own child, nephew, or sibling who loves video games. However, if the hobby is completely alien to you, then it can be exceedingly difficult to pick out the right gift for special occasions.

If you want to get your relative the perfect video game gift, you will quickly be overwhelmed by the thousands of available games out there. To make matters worse, games only work on certain systems, and rarely does one gamer enjoy every kind of video game out there. Here is some good news. You can shop video games online, and follow these three tips to increase your chances of finding the perfect gift for your relative.

  1. Video game selling websites.
  2. Video game selling websites are going to showcase games for every kind of console, and likely reviews to go along with them. It is important to realize, that although Mario games have sold more then 225 million copies over the years, that does not mean that your relative is going to want to play a Super Mario game. Some websites will suggest games to you based on what type of game you prefer. Try to find out whether your relative likes RPG, sandbox, FPS, or sports games before you begin your search.

  3. Computer game websites.
  4. If you do not know what kind of console your relative has, but you do know that they play video games online with their computer, then you can look specifically for computer games when you check out video game selling websites. We are not talking about Farmville here, so be sure to look specifically for PC game websites and not online games in general. Some computer games are “The Sims,” “Diablo III,” and “From Dust.”

  5. Video gaming websites.
  6. Serious gamers spend an average of 18 hours each week playing the games that they love. Because gaming is such a big hobby, there is a huge culture of video gaming online that you can tap into in order to get gift ideas and read reviews. Look for video game blogs, and video game news sites to get started.

Online shopping for video games is easy once you understand the basics. Remember to rely on the rich community of gamers online to steer you towards a good choice, and use online video game shopping sites to check for reviews. Shopping online will allow you to fully research prospective gift ideas before you make a purchase, increasing your chances of getting a great gift for your loved one.

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