Shopping Video Apps

Shopping videos

More people than ever are doing their shopping online. However, about 92 percent of the retail sales are still happening in brick and mortar stores. As technology evolves and improves, consumers can expect to start seeing shopping video apps becoming available on their smart phones and tablets. Shopping videos can be viewed to find out more about products. One thing that a shopping video can do is make your shopping experience more personalized. Consumers are starting to watch shopping videos when they are doing in store shopping now too as well as when shopping online.

Shopping videos can put product comparisons at your finger tips. Consumers will be able to quickly identify the best buys. If you see a product in the store and you have a shopping video app on your smart phone, you can watch videos about the product right there in the store. It’s like having your own personal sales person follow you around and give you details on each product that you are considering the possibility of buying. Shopping videos are on demand videos that you can watch at your convenience too.

The right software application can identify the product that you want from a row of products and then display a shopping video about it. You’ll be able to find out pricing information, nutritional values and more. A shopping video app can be used on a smart phone and used for all kinds of things. Let’s say you input the fact that you want a low sugar cereal. The shopper can then scan their phone’s video camera over the row displaying cereals. The app will then pick out the low sugar cereals for the shopper. Shopping videos will help shoppers be more informed about products in other ways as well. Retailers can also benefit from the data they collect from consumers using shopping videos. The use of these types of shopping applications are the best way to get an augmented shopping experience. Each shopping experience can be customized to the shoppers individual needs.