Three Types Of Leather Shoes You Can Buy — And What To Know Beforehand

Luxury italian shoes

You never know when you’ll need a good pair of shoes. Of course, there are many different types of “good” shoes. But a good pair of running shoes might not be the right shoes for an important meeting or a gala. Typically, when men are looking for great shoes that will last for a long time, they look to leather shoes. With leather, it’s about more than just the quality and durability, though that certainly matters. Leather also has a certain look about it; put bluntly it’s something of a status symbol. Certainly, leather shoes fall into a certain type of visual cues in society — and according to certain studies, visual cues are about three to five times more powerful than auditory cues. When people see men in good shoes — a good pair of designer lace up shoes for men, or a pair of luxury Italian loafers, for example — they make certain assumptions. They assume that these men have money and status, that they know what they’re doing and are confident. But still: leather shoes are an investment, and you want to pick the right kind of shoes for yourself. Below, we’ll look into the different types of shoes you may want to consider.

1. Designer Lace Up Shoes For Men

Most designer lace up shoes for men — though not all — fall into the category of dress shoes. Dress shoes are certainly major considerations for most professional men — they make up about 6% of the market share, which is no small number. Designer lace up shoes for men can serve a number of purposes. They can be perfect for certain work environments, in which men need to look polished at all times. They can also be great for formal occasions, like black tie events. The thing about designer lace up shoes for men is that they don’t necessarily always need to be used on everyday basis — for some men, they may only purchase a few pairs over the course of their lifetime. In that case, you can afford to make a proper investment buy shoes that will last. It’s advisable, if you’re investing in shoes of this kind, that you also look into finding a professional who can help you care for them to the best degree. These shoes will be durable — leather men’s dress shoes can withstand tens of thousands of foot flexes. But you don’t just want them to survive; you want them to look their best.

2. Men’s Exotic Shoes

Exotic shoes aren’t exactly a specific kind of shoe — rather, this refers to several different types of shoes, and they’re usually made from a type of leather that falls into the “other” category. This “other” usually refers to leather made from exotic animals — rather cow, it could made from stingray, crocodile, eel, ostrich, or even python. The thing about this type of leather is that it only makes up 1% of globally-traded leathers. Therefore, it need to be properly maintained, and you can expect to pay something of a premium in most cases. It also means that this leather can be faked at times — people know that there is a demand, and they’ll satisfy that demand by falsifying it. Therefore, if you want to buy exotic shoes, you need to be careful about the source you’re buying from. The leather you’re buying could very well be leather, but it may not be exotic leather.

3. Leather Boots

Leather boots are fashionable and classic, and can serve many different purposes, like lace up shoes. But just as with exotic leather shoes, you need to be careful when buying leather boots. They’re iconic and popular, and there are many vendors who will fake their materials in order to convince you to buy them. Fake boots may be dyed to look like leather — make sure you test this aspect before putting down any money. Be careful — and you’ll have boots that will last for years.