The Best Deals on Name Brand Furniture and Appliances

Kitchenaid double oven

Although furniture sales lagged during the “Great Recession,” the total revenue generated by furniture retailers has increased each year since 2010. During 2012, Americans bought more than 164 billion dollars worth of furniture, and the average cost for a five piece living room set was approximately 1,800 dollars. When you consider the average cost of furniture and appliances for an entire home, you are easily looking at 15,000 to 20,000 grand.

Whatever way you slice it, home appliances and furnishings are hefty investments for the majority of Americans. In fact, after mortgages and automobiles, appliances and furniture are the third most costly investments most people will make in their lifetimes. While everyone wants to purchase appliances and furniture at the lowest prices, they also want their purchases to last. It is hardly worth spending 800 bucks on a “cheap” refrigerator that lasts five years when you can invest 1,500 dollars on a high quality, brand name fridge that will last 15 or 20 years.

While home furnishings such as contemporary dining room sets, wood dressers, full length mirrors, and queen platform beds are costly enough, kitchen appliances almost always require larger investments than furniture. Then you also have to consider the energy costs of electric refrigerators, ranges, and dishwashers. For it takes 2,300 and 1,800 watts, respectively, to power standard electric ovens and dishwashers.

Although the cost of name brand appliances are first and foremost on the minds of homeowners, one fifth of total U.S. energy consumption can be attributed to appliances. Understandably, most Americans are looking for more energy efficient alternatives to electric appliances. As a result, many are returning to gas powered appliances.

When you get the chance to use a Whirlpool gas range, you will wonder why people ever considered going electric. Compared to a standard electric stove, Whirlpool gas ranges are far more efficient. Since a gas burner reaches maximum heat as soon as you turn it on, cooking time is shortened, and you end up saving energy. A Whirlpool gas range will also emit 40 percent less heat, which minimizes the amount of heat that is wasted.

Another huge advantage of gas ranges over electric ovens is that they can be used during power outages. Considering the high frequency of natural disasters over recent years, being able to cook in your own home while the power is out is a significant perk offered by gas ranges.

While Whirlpool gas ranges are among the most energy efficient appliances available, convection ovens and induction ranges also offer considerable energy efficiency. Unlike gas powered appliances, of course, you will not be able to use them during power outages. The bottom line is that it is almost always wiser to purchase name brand appliances, because they are energy efficient and are made with the quality to last.

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