Four Tips and Tricks for Doing Your Makeup Like a Pro

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Did you know, according to InStyle, the average woman will spend $15,000 over her lifetime on makeup? As the Huffington Post points out, 44% of American women feel less confident when they are not wearing makeup. If you are one of the many American women who like applying face makeup to gain that huge boost of confidence it offers, here are four professional makeup tips for popular makeup types.

  • Prepare Your Face
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    Makeup foundation is key to applying face makeup in a professional way. Because it is used to even out your skin tone, smooth it down, and cover blemishes and scars, it effectively provides you with a blank canvas to start from. According to All Women Stalk, Chanel Pro Lumiere is one of the best professional makeup products to get the look you want.

    One of the keys to success when learning how to apply makeup foundation is to keep your skin type in mind. For instance, if you have oily skin, use a product that will diminish your sheen, not add to it.

  • Use Colors That Work for You
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    Did you know that 25% of American women believe they will be passed over for a promotion if they do not wear makeup to work? That may or may not be true, but you can avoid the issue entirely by applying face makeup like a pro. For instance, you should always take your skin tone into consideration. If you have light to medium skin, stay away from orange-based bronzer makeup. Instead, try a yellow-based bronzer that will fit well with your beautiful skin.

  • Use the Right Tools
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    According to Total Beauty, having professional makeup supplies is only half the battle in achieving the great, quality look you crave. The other half? You have to use professional makeup brush sets. For instance, kabuki brushes are a great way to get a professional, unique look. In general, however, having good foundation, powder, bronzer, and eye shadow brushes is extremely important in having a well rounded aesthetic arsenal.

    Part of using the right tools is using them when they are still good. Liquid foundation should be replaced every six months, for example. However, you can extend the shelf-life of your makeup by storing it in a cool, dry place. If you notice it lacks the punch it once had, it is probably time for a new batch.

  • Be Dynamic
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    The Huffington Post writes that the average American woman keeps her makeup style for 11 years before switching to something new. However, as Marie Claire points out, being willing to experiment and try new things is the key to finding your own personal style. In other words, staying dynamic is a great way to develop your unique, professional look.

Whether you are afraid of missing out on that big promotion or you simply want to feel a little more confident, these four tips are great ways to improving your makeup style. If these tips do not work for you, do not be afraid to seek out a professional makeup artist who can give you hands on lessons in applying face makeup. Good luck! Find more: