Teen Style Trends for the Summer

We’re halfway into the summer of 2021, and already we have seen exciting movement in teen fashion trends. Each year we get to watch what styles have returned from the summer before, and what new trends have emerged. Have you been paying attention?

This year, it seems that old trends are making a comeback. Not just from last year, but trends from the ’90s, 2000s, and earlier are all coming back. Youtubers and Tiktokers are setting all of the trends these days, from athleisure to even business casual, and they’re going back in time for their inspiration. In this article, we go over some of the most popular choices teens are making these days, and how you can achieve the look and maintain impeccable quality.

Hair Care

Before we get into the clothes, let’s start at the top: hair styling. These days, most teens are opting somewhere between the short hair of recent trends and the long luscious hair of the ’80s. Opting for hair that falls about chin length with a middle part seems to be the most popular option.

The classic pompadour style is also still in though, don’t worry. If you’re not ready to embrace a longer cut, and the maintenance that goes with it, stick to the always-fashionable fringe.

Take the Gym to the Streets

If you pay any attention to the trends, you were probably expecting this one to come up: athleisure. While various sources report different origin dates for this trend, the style we typically think of when hearing this word is usually ’70s fashion. The bright tracksuits and headbands were common apparel for almost any outing back then, and the comfortable vibe has made its way back again.

These days, most teens are opting for athletic shorts with a smaller inseam, just like we saw in the ’70s. However, the shorts seen today are more often made with sweatpants material rather than nylon or mens jeans material. If you have a pair of shorts that you think would look better shorter so you can fit the athleisure trends, you can always take them to a professional tailoring company to get the length you want without having that uneven, DIY look about them.

Pair your shorts with a larger t-shirt, and you’re achieving the athleisure look sported by young men across the globe. Some of the world’s biggest athletes have been seen sporting this style as of late, so you will definitely be in good company.

Break Out the Jewelery

That’s right, accessories have become a must-have staple in teen’s clothing. While a small necklace or a few bracelets have always been in-trend, 2021 has seen this taken to the next level.

Most viral celebrities are seen in all of their videos sporting one or multiple chains around their necks, typically chunky and silver. Bejewling your hands with multiple rings on each finger has also become a fashion staple for all teens as well, not just young men. So much so that it has become easy to find this type of jewelry anywhere.

What About Fancier Occasions?

If you’re wondering what style trends you can incorporate during the summer for the fancier events you are attending, such as weddings, we have you covered. The aesthetic of good suits for men has never changed with time, as teens opt for darker colors fitted to perfection.

The fitting of a suit is actually what makes it fashionable. If your suit sleeve is falling down past your cuff or is a little tight in the middle, that will stand out like a giant red flag. For example, did you know that you should be able to see two centimeters of a shirt collar below the suit jacket collar? Always have your suits professionally tailored to ensure that you can wear them with pride.

For styling suits, as we said before, go for darker colors. Skip the tie for now and choose to wear your shirt half-buttoned. This will bring youth to the look, and keep you on the fashion-forward side of things.

Need More Help?

Do you still find yourself struggling with how you’re going incorporate the latest fashion trend into your closet? Reach out to a professional wardrobe consultant today.