Shop For a New Car Top Tips

When it’s time to shop for a new car, having the right information can make the difference between making a sound purchase and taking home a lemon. We’ve gathered a few tips to help you out — take a look at the video below or read on for important things to consider when buying a vehicle.

1. Vehicle height

When it comes to selecting a new vehicle, the height of the car, truck, or SUV is often overlooked. Sports cars look great but can be difficult to get into and out of for those with limited mobility.

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Large trucks and SUVs are higher off the ground, offering more visibility — but depending on how high off the ground the vehicle is, larger options might be difficult for smaller individuals to easily get out of. Spend time getting into and out of several vehicles to determine what feels best for you.

2. Technological compatibility

Many people completely forget to consider technological compatibility when exploring new car options. But it’s a critical step if you’re planning on hooking your cellphone up to your vehicle’s speakers or online navigation system. And don’t forget about the compatibility of things like entertainment systems if you have children to keep entertained.