Start Online When You Need to Shop for a Video Game

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If you plan on getting someone a video game for an upcoming holiday or event, and you cannot stand video games, then the easiest way to do it is to try online shopping for video games. Estimates from eMarketer predict that the number of people shopping digitally is going to grow from 137 million to about 175 million between 2010 and 2016. This means that it will be easier than ever to find what you need online and purchase it, and as a bonus it allows you to avoid crowds of teenagers.

But how do you find the right video games website? This brief guide will help.

  1. Go to the top video games websites.
  2. There are many online video game websites, but a few which are truly at the top of the list. You can casually ask the person you are shopping for which sites and stores they know and love, and then check those places first. On these top websites you will find an almost overwhelming selection of games to choose from. This brings you to step two.

  3. Know what to look for.
  4. Video game shopping will be much easier if you have a basic idea of what systems your friend or relative owns, and what kind of games they generally like to play. Most sites are organized in a similar manner, so you will start by selecting the system, which will either be an Xbox, PlayStation, PC, or Wii, or possibly one of the handheld systems. After that, you will have the option to break down your search further by categories of games.

    • Role-playing
    • Shooter
    • Sports
    • Strategy
    • Music and party
    • Fighting
    • Action
    • Casual

    If you get a chance, look at the collection of games your friend or relative has. If you see a Halo game, then you know they like shooters. If you see Skyrim, then you know they like role-playing games. Something with soccer, or football? Sports games it is.

  5. Shop!
  6. The video games website will likely have an easy transaction system so that you can order the game of choice, and then congratulate yourself on avoiding the mall crowds. Skyrim, a very popular game, sold 3.5 million copies in the first 48 hours of release, and after the first week had sold 7 million! It is rare that games get sold out, but if they are recently released, be prepared to go back to the site in the future to get that game once it has been replenished. If you really have no clue what kind of a game to get them, choose a gift card.

Remember that you can always shop on a mobile device if you find the experience to be easier. An eMarketer report revealed that in 2012, about $10 billion was spent by mobile shoppers using tablets or smartphones. To make your online shopping experience easy, use the top video game websites, know the basics of what kind of game you are looking for, and dive right in. The recipient of your thoughtful gift will be sure to thank you.