Sea Glass Pendant DesignsThe Height of Creativity

Sea glass necklace designs

Sea glass jewelry is a sought after product and very much coveted by many people. It actually originates from items like broken bottles, broken dishes, and sometimes even glass items coming from shipwrecks, that have been floating and tumbling through the ocean for long periods of time. The salt water and sand begin the breaking down process of the glass over periods of five to 50 years. Over these years the edges of the glass wear away and become rounded, and the glass itself takes on a frosted look. Sea glass jewelry is also sometimes known as beach glass, mermaid’s tears, or ocean glass.

Sea glass jewelry is a popular gift item, and has even become fashionable for weddings. Several sea glass wedding jewelry ideas are necklaces, bracelets, charms, and pendants. Sea glass pendant designs come in a wide assortment of colors and patterns. A beach wedding is the perfect venue at which a bride might choose to give her wedding party a beautiful piece of sea glass jewelry to commemorate the occasion. The color choices of any type of sea glass jewelry are abundant, enabling the bride to keep true to her wedding colors. Sea glass pendant designs can be chosen for each member of the bridal party that mean something special to each one. Sea glass jewelry for the bride herself is also a popular choice in any style and any color.

Sea glass can be fashioned into any type of jewelry. Sea glass charms, sea glass rings, and sea glass bracelets are just a few types of jewelry that have been born out of sea glass fashion. There are an unlimited number of types of sea glass pendants, creatively formed with original and beautiful sea glass pendant designs.

In recent years, collecting sea glass has become a more and more popular pastime.Because of this, sea glass beaches have become devoid of the sea glass that they used to have in abundance. However, there is a place that still holds a treasure trove of sea glass. It is located in California, along the coastline of Fort Bragg, about eight miles from Mendocino.

The colors of sea glass vary depending upon where the glass was found. The most common colors of sea glass are green, white, and brown. These can be found in almost every sea glass beach around the world. Pale amber and olive green are considered to be unique colors. Pale aqua, light shades of green, for instance seafoam, amber, and the more rare shades of green are labeled somewhat rare. The most rare colors, and, therefore, much more difficult to find, are cobalt blue, lime green, light blue, lavender and aqua. Rare and ultra rare colors of sea glass, or beach glass, are yellow, orange, red, gray, opaque glass, pink, and teal. There is even a set of colors that has been dubbed treasure chest colors. This set is unique because these pieces of glass have maintained something of the pattern they were manufactured with. These include multi colored glass, glass tiles, bottle stoppers, marbles, bonfire glass, and embossed glass pieces.

Any one color, or combination of colors, of sea glass can be used to create unique sea glass pendant designs. What cannot be readily found online or in shops where sea glass jewelry is sold can be made by a jeweler whose talents and abilities include the fashioning of this type of jewelry. Although sea glass originates from every day items, its years being formed and shaped by sand and salt water are what has given it its unique properties. A typical bottle of beer has become eye candy, so to speak. It has become a lovely item that some fortunate person will be delighted to wear on their wrist or around their neck.

Sea glass is, in essence, items that were man made and were basically recycled by nature. What began as a typical, every day item, more useful than attractive, has become a beautiful artifact. People have taken these pieces, broken and reformed, and have found a way to capitalize on their natural beauty. Once again proving that where there is a will, there most certainly is a way!